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Hyperion by Dan Simmons

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Submitted by Mario Ĉosiĉ 
(Dec 12, 2002)

When I first read it I couldn't quite grasp the immensity of these four books. Especially the first two where Mr. Simmons has shown as a new vision of future; mankind living on many worlds connected by portals/holes in tme and space that allow us to travel thousands of lightyears in moments. But there is a price to it, dependancy to machines, AIs whose inten-tions towards humans are not quite benevolent. But there is a traitor among them who will help and will be helped,and there is a mystery, time travel, dark prophecies; actually everything to spice your reading
But second two books are also great, playing with the idea of hightech imortality and Faust's deal and with ideas of christianity arranged into a new one;if you can feel other mans pain then you will never hurt him.

Submitted by Rodney Powell
(Jun 06, 1999)

This saga begins in the 28th century on the planet Hyperion on the eve of a instellar war, share their reasons why they are coming to this mysterious world and how this planet is the key to saving mankind. It spans 3 centuries and countless worlds and encompasses the future fate of mankind. This has great action sequences, romance, tragedy and truimph. This saga ranks with Dune and Foundation series for scope and imagination.

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