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True Game by Sheri S. Tepper

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Submitted by Kym Kelly-Taylor 
(Jul 27, 2010)

To start with, the bibliography should be amended to show all of the True Game books (nine in total). Starting with King's Blood Four, Necromancer's Nine and Wizard's Eleven (also released at True Game). Then the three Mavin books, The Song, The Flight and the Search of Mavin Manyshaped (The Chonicles of Mavin Manyshaped). Finally the three Jinian Books, Jinian Footseer, Dervish Daughter and Jinian Star-eye (End of the Game).

Sherri Tepper has an astounding talent for naming. You will never find a name, proper or common, that doesn't absolutely fit the person, beast, talent or circumstance. Sherri sees through a thing to its reality. Some of the questions she poses will make you uncomfortable, they will make you question what you thought you believed, about the world and about yourself.
This series is more than fictional work, its a modern day fairytale with the bite oldstyle tales used to have before they were re-interpreted for more modern sensitivities. It can be Grimm. Along the way Sherri will invite you to smell the roses before she dares you to uncover the thorns.

In True Game, the humans that appeared were gifted with various talents by Lom the planet in an attempt to help them fit in. Some of the original colonists were already talented but the new talents were ferocious by comparison. The span of the books is from Mavin's childhood to the adulthood of her child with plenty of backstory. You will never find such an array of fascinating characters, talents and circumstance as you will see in these books and I recommend them highly.

Submitted by Chris Perera 
(Jun 06, 2005)

I first read this book over 17 years ago.... has it been that long!
I recently unpacked all my books from my loft and are now in my book case which I have only been planning to do for about 10 years. When I spied out this book it was like greeting an old friend and it took me only a week to re-read it (being a father of 3 that's quite impressive).
When I originally bought this book, I read it in little under 3 days and then proceeded to re-read it again straight after. Out of all the books written by Sheri this has to be the pick of the bunch. If you liked Raymond E Feist, David Eddings, then this book is a must.
The index which is shown in the middle of the book still has the corner folded over(I know you shouldn't fold the corners but I was young then!). I am currently reading David Eddings for my sons but once finished this will be next for them.
Sheri if you are out there, one of the best books I've ever read and thank you!

Submitted by Rania Mai 
(Jan 20, 2004)

The Great Game. So apparent, yet amazingly still hidden. Everytime someone attempts to dispell the segregation that 'exists' in the realms of knowledge and understanding; to break the barriers we have errected to confine art, magic and science to their 'singular' dimensions - some of the mist lifts to clear the confusion of cohesion. Sheri S Tepper reveals a greater understanding of the Game and the Players within. I applaud Tepper's Demesne - her view into the True Game and the monsters within is played with skill and finesse. Anyone feel like chess?

Submitted by Arthur Breur
(Nov 21, 1999)

The True Game series is a remarkably conceived science fiction set. Although it has the appearance of fantasy, after reading a few chapters of any of the nine books (well, OK, I've only been able to find 7 of 9--no Trek puns please) one realizes that these are actually SF.

The characters are all intriguing, but Mavin Manyshaped is the most fascinating of the 3 "title" characters in the set.

It is a pity that these books are out of print -- they are deep and delightful.

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