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Honor Harrington by David Weber

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Nov 06, 2004)

This book is awesome. Written in the same technically descriptive tone as a Tom Clancy novel. The high-level description is essentially a Terran - arachnid battle to the end and the focus on the technical specs of the starships and weaponry is too cool for words.
The time frame of the story is about 500 years in the future and the Earth has had several intergalactic battles in the previous decades with neighboring species. There is general peace between the previously warring species until these arachnids arrive on the scene. The species in question use stable wormholes or jump points to traverse intergalactic distances and that's how they 'bump' into these creatures. By the way these creatures also have a craving for human flesh. There is a follow-up book in the series as well.

Submitted by David Rogers
(Oct 29, 1999)

David Weber has created a science-fiction universe with amazing depth, dashing romanticism, stunning realisim and a remarkable level of characterization. The mystery of a 'high seas' style story set in the mid seventeenth or eighteenth century has been transported into the twenty-eighth and retains all the panache.

Rather than take the usual inaccurate and unrealistic course many science-fiction 'space' authors do, Weber creates not only a believable military model, but also uses physics based tactics and ships. Wrapped around this is a very sophisticated web of political intrigue that functions on multiple levels as the nations of the universe, and the factions within each nation, vie for position and control.

And then there's the heroine, Honor Harrington. With this character, Weber has given science-fiction one of the most memorable female characters ever to appear in the genre. She's a compelling figure to follow as we read along her career through the series.

Weber has marked his place in the history of science-fiction literature rather indeliably with the Honor Harrington series, and fans continue to eagerly await new installments of the storyline. Fans of 'space navy' science-fiction are well advised to take a look.

Submitted by Rodney Powell
(Aug 06, 1999)

Honor Harrington is a Lady Starship Captain in a far future universe who uses her
skills to protect Star Kingdom of Manticore from the People's Republic of Haven and other menaces.
The best desciption of her would be a cross between Horatio Hornblower and Xena! These novels has gripping
space battles and memorable characters.
the novels so far:
1. On Basilisk Station
2. The Honor of the Queen
3. The Short Victorious War
4. Field of Dishonor
5. Flag in Exile
6. Honor Among Enemies
7. In Enemy Hands

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