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Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams

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Submitted by Rachel the Dragon 
(Dec 12, 2002)

This book *is* Lord of the Rings. Except so unbelievable much better!! Don't look at me like I'm a blasphemous traitor; I don't appreciate it. Tad Williams is the master. I burst into tears when... well I won't tell you, but when that good guy, and that other good guy, when they died. And I'm reading his other books and I think I might set something on fire if he doesn't right a sequel to this. *everybody looks at Rachel weird* ok, I'm leaving. but if you're here at this site and you haven't read this book I IMPLORE YOU!!! YOUR LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE!!!

Submitted by Allusearna 
(Dec 12, 2002)

MST is a great series. I am a science fiction fanatic, and love LOTR and Tracy Harding, and David Eddings as well. Granted that the series started slow and boring, and granted it was slow at parts, but that still could not hinder the series.
I fell as if I know the characters, I laughed with them, laughed AT them, and even wept for them. I will admit, that I too cried for Deonorth, and for many others, and also cried tears of rage and frustration.
I cannot, nor will not say that MST is the best series I have ever read, but I will compare it with LOTR, The Mysts of Avalon and Tracy Harding, and therefore, I can, in good conscience, give the series five out of five.

Submitted by 
(Oct 31, 2002)

I just finished the second book. So far it is awsome!
like some people have said, and others have stopped reading it for, it was slow and boring at first, and some other times during the story. If you just read through those parts, it is easily one of the best stories I have read. The charecters, however, are probably the best I have read about in a story. The only books better that I have read were robert Jordons Wheel of Time series. I also read his Otherland series, and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn just barely made it above that. I guess I'm just more of a fantasy reader.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 11, 2002)

I read this series about 2 years ago... and have been trying to find a series to rival it ever since. Tolkien's LotR, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, none can compare to this awesome series. From the Setting, to the Characters, the elements of Magic, and of course, the "bad guys" can't have been done better.

Submitted by Crittur 
(Sep 16, 2002)

This has become my favorite series of all time. I loved the Ring saga, but I find myself identifying more with the characters in this trilogy (their personal foibles and uncertainties, etc.) These books are magnificently written, and the detail and description of settings and battles is rivalled only by the depth of the characters. I truly hate "cookie-cutter" characters (you know, "ya gotta have an elf and a dwarf and a giant and a...") with no real emotional depth beyond the fact that they fulfill certain type requirements. These characters are REAL people. I would adopt Simon if I could, and I'd marry Josua in a heartbeat. I cried for Deonorth and Isorn. Even the Enemy is a complicated figure, whose anger and hatred are absolutely justified, given the treatment of his people. Not exactly an easy read, Memory, Sorrow and Thorn is well worth the effort. Read slowly, and savor the immensity and depth of the suffering and joys presented here.

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