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Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams

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Submitted by Yannick 
(Jan 09, 2002)

Although the Dragonbone Chair starts of a little bit slow, and was even boring, I couldn't stop reading. The author really makes you feel one with the characters, and the longer you read, the more interesting these books become. I can only concude by saying that this book is a true masterpiece!

Submitted by Stacy 
(Dec 03, 2001)

Awsome! A piece of total genius! The story of Seoman, Miriamel, Jiriki, and Binabik kept my heart pounding and my mind racing to figure out each mystery and puzzle Inuleki threw at them.

Submitted by BigD 
(Sep 25, 2001)

This series is truly amazing! It is a must for anyone who enjoys fantasy novels. From the start of 'The Dragonbone Chair' right to the last page of 'Seige' I was totally hooked. I was lost in the world of Osten Ard for months. A great, great story - the best!

Submitted by Darkmath 
(Aug 20, 2001)

This book is Great, I read it for the second time now and it was better than the first. Tad Williams really put some heart in this book, I recommend it for all, but be warned, the book is quite long.

Submitted by Patrick Ivey 
(Jul 23, 2001)

this is one of or the best fantasy written yet. tad Williams writes a story of truly epic story. this dwaft most "serious" fiction like silence of the lambs, shinning, pet cemetery, and almost anything that Stephen king has yet written. if you don't believe me, read it and find out that I was right after all. tad Williams is a new prodigy to the genre. the torch has been past from David Eddings to tad Williams as one of the greatest book series ever written.

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