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Enchanted Forest Chronicles, The by Patricia C. Wrede

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Submitted by Kasey Castillo 
(Jan 20, 2004)

The series is just amazing.

It's about a princess named Cimerone whom doesn't like the rules and regulations of being a princess. So she runs away and becomes a dragon's princess. Cimerone meets witches and wizards and magicians, all kinds of people.

Well, she has many adventures and even rescues her own dragon along with her soon to be husband, Mendenbar. She puts up with a lot from the wizards, because they don't like her, so they cause a lot of problems in the Enchanted Forest. Cimerone isn't the cause of all problems, she only ends up in the situation because she comes across it. The books are wonderful and you can't set them down you just want to keep reading.

Submitted by Emily 
(Oct 19, 2003)

This series is fantastic! Wrede creates an "enchanting" new world for readers. The characters are unique, and the tales are wonderful. Anyone should like these books! Tales of princesses, princes, dragons, witches (and their cats), wizards, AND magicians create page turning, fun, and truly fascinating adventures.
The new and fascinating places created: such as the Enchanted Forest and the Mountains of Morning, not to mention the Caves of Chance and other unique and fascinating kingdoms add to the fun, wonderful adventures of Princess Cimorene, Princes Mendenbar and Daystar, Kazul the dragon, Morwen the witch, and their interesting friends.
I absolutely love the books!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 19, 2003)

I found Patricia's books(all 4 in the series) to be enthralling! I read approximately 1 per night after I found them. Patricia created a character in Cimorene that I, as a teen, can relate to! We all get board with life and Wrede gave us a chance to explore with Cimorene on her many adventures. She also took my love of magic and crazy creatures and expounded it to anything and everything from dragons to rock snakes and a "blue, flying, donkey-rabbit named Killer."(I got that from the back of book 3, paperback) If you asked me who my favorite author is, I would have to say Patricia C. Wrede.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Feb 11, 2003)

An absolutely fantastic fantasy series! It amazes me the way Patricia deliberately adds a humourous twist to classic fairy tales like "Rumplestiltskin" and "Jack and the Beanstalk." On top of that, a blue flying donkey rabbit named Killer, evil wizards who can only be melted by several buckets of soapy water and lemon juice, and a friendly magician named Telemain who constantly babbles about scientific jargon makes these books a fascinating, exciting, and beautifully written collection that is sure to be number one on the fantasy novel charts. These are excellent books that keep you going page after page and draw you in to the complex world of imagination. A joyous, thrilling addition to your bookshelf!
Patricia C. Wrede is notably one of the best fantasy authors of all time and should be credited for her fine work. I am hoping to see more fantasy novels from her soon.

Submitted by Sanni 
(Jan 19, 2003)

This is the series you need to read if you find fantasy an utterly boring genre of litetature. Wrede writes fantastically and parodises the whole fairy tale/fantasy world while telling an amusing story about an unlikely princess Cimorene's road from a dragon princess to the Queen of Enchanted Forest.
I was bored with people shoving fantasy-novels under my nose when I first picked this book up. It was the second book, which introduces king Mendanbar. I was immediatly sucked in his and Cimorene's adventure and after reading the first book, the third one was a must-read as soon as it came out. The wonderful cast of unique characters (witch Morwen, mage Telemain etc.) and the Enchanted Forest as an enviorement mixed with admirable dragons, magical knots in the Enchanted Forest, flaming fire witches and evil wizards make up a complete fairy tale adventure full of laughable moments and yes, even romance, in a very mild form, however.
There is something that bothers me about the way Wrede builds the romance in her stories. It's just a bit of blushing and awkward moments and then in the end the two characters admit their feelings and get married. I would've wanted more emotion.
Wrede's female characters, such as Shiara and Cimorene, are temperamental, clever and fun whereas princesses are described very negatively, but it definately makes the books even more humorous. My favourite character has to be mage Telemain with his over-scientific explanations and his huge fascination with all things having to do with magic.
Overall, I can recommend this series, even though have not yet finished the fourth book. :)

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