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Saga of Recluce by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

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Submitted by M.B.P. 
(Dec 12, 2002)

The Saga of Reluse was one of the best series I've ever read. The characters were exeptionally well developed, especially Lerris and Justyn. The one gripe I have about the writing is that the map didn't match the geography at all, which made me confused about where things were, and the infuriating realization that they only showed where things were during Lerris' time. I thought the whole "balance" thing was really well thought out, and I liked how he showed things from both the order and the chaos side of view. There are a lot of philosophical themes developed in his book which I found refreshing. The thing I liked best,though, was the fact that each story is different and each takes you through at a different period of time. This was a nice change from the Terry Goodkind formula of "the Keeper/the Emperor who can look like the Keeper try to take over the world so Richard has to use his magical powers to stop them." I think that the Wheel of Time is a better series just because he spends more time on one set of characters. Overall, I think that these are some of the best books I've ever read, at the top of my list along with The Belgariad, the Lord of the Rings, and the Wheel of Time.

Submitted by Momo 
(Sep 30, 2002)

I hated the idea of 'fantasy' and the whole idea of creating a world that wasn't real...until a friend introduced me to The Fall of Angels. I couldn't put the damn thing down!!! I love the way the world of Recluce is so different, yet it totally reflects the world we live in.
The forces of good and evil are always at war and sometimes when they work together, they prosper.
The characters are so beautifully developed it makes me wanna cry :`(. They are so real, because they go thru struggles like every other human does and they succeed at the end in one shape or another.
I've only read three books now (Fall of Angels, The Chaos Balance, The White Order) and I cannot say that I like either Nylan better or Cerryl... I love 'em all!!!
I'm eagerly awaiting for 'The Colors of Chaos' to arrive so I can run to the library and check it out!

Submitted by Ethan Haughey 
(Feb 09, 2002)

I believe that this series is as exciting as almost any fantasy series that I have read. The plot and storyline step up to the plate, so to speak, with the philosophy in the world that there actually is such a thing as order and chaos and people that contribute to a balance of these. I believe the author designed this seires with an intricate set of characters to instill in the audience a sense of questioning as to what kind of person they are or wish to be, based on the choices they have made. For me, that is the way I interpreted my own feelings when reading this fantastic series. Good work.

Submitted by
(Mar 20, 2001)

The recluse series, either the order section or the chaos section is amazing. Just a plain laid back good old time. Nothing like the other Fantasy series. Wheel of Time, though good is like the rest, magic sword and the behind the scenes bad guy. This one's all new, self realization, all-real hero's. And an entirely real author. I contacted the guy about permission to create a MUD (multi-user-dungeon) and the guy was extremely pleasant and helpful (unlike some like fiest who nearly rip readers heads off, no offense intended on that). So, in short, a good book and a good author do a good time make. -rob-

Submitted by IMRavnos
(Oct 20, 2000)

I have found the Saga of Recluse very very enjoyable.  I love the Order vs. Chaos magic system and even more so I enjoy how each and every Main character ( Hero ) has a Trade skill of sorts. 

My Favorite book thus far is The Order War mainly due to it's dealing with Justen and the Druids of Naclos.

My main complaint about the series however is that Every Single main character is a self doubting apologetic weakling for most of the books they appear in and yet they are able to pull off virtual miracles of engenuity to twist, shape, command or control the forces of Order, chaos or both to "Save the day" so to speak.

I found Nylan to be the worst of the main characters overall.  After his 100th headache I wanted to stop reading but realised that I still had a book and a half to fight through and was glad I did.

Justen, albeit very much a self doubter and apologetic, was the least annoying overall followed by Dorrin and Lerris.

Overall I feel that for one to compare The Saga of Recluse to other contemporary masterworks of literature such as the Wheel of Time would be an unjust thing to do.

Where as MOST not ALL fantasy setting epics start at the beggining and work forward the saga of recluse starts at the End I presume and works back and forth amongst the past.  HAving stumbled upon this series after 9 of the now 11 books had been published allowed me to read the series in an order other then how they came out.  I read them starting with the Magic of recluse and then followed that with the death of chaos, Fall of angels, The Chaos Balance, The Towers of Sunset, The order engineer, The White Order, Colors of Chaos, and finally The Order War.

I have yet to read the cyador books as they are the two newest and only on hardback as of yet but to be honest I wonder if indeed I will read them at all since I found that reading the books from the White/Chaos side of things was a tremendous struggle for me after having absorbed so much on Order and balance.  It was like reading a book on a second unknown language written in a third unknown langauge =(

Oh well Although I have made some fairly critical comments I urge anyone interested to at the very least read the Magic of recluse.  It was an excellent book and was a great way to open the doors to the saga that is recluse.

-I ramble too much

P.S. Any spelling errors are a result of habitual laziness and lack of sleep =P

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