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Saga of Recluce by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

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Submitted by GP
(Aug 08, 2000)

The Magic Of Recluse, I liked.  The book kept me waiting for the next series of events to fall into place.  When I went to work at my construction site all I could think about was what might happpen next.

  I simply Loved the main charecters learning of wood.  I wish it would have come as easily to me as it did to him.  I love wood and as Uncle Sardit tought how to work the black oak and other woods I felt my self teaching to.  What a mastercrafter.

Submitted by Phil Lemnotis
(Feb 29, 2000)

I have read the Saga of Recluce through over and over again, and it doesn't get old. I could read my personal favorite, "Towers of Sunset" over and over again forever. He is my personal favorite author out there, and is very polite to his fans. His books will hook you from the start, although I recommend starting with his first book, "The Magic of Recluce." His series is perfectly entertwined, and his characters are flawlessly developed. I eagerly await his April release of "The Magi'i of Cyador"

Submitted by Antonin
(Mar 01, 1999)

I have only read the first two books of "The Saga of Recluse".
I was expecting a book filled with monsters, knights, and mages.
I was pleasantly suprised by the book. He invented a world of magic with
rules. Maybe, I haven't read enough books, but there doesn't seem
to be a good or evil, which a refreshing change from other scifi/fantasy
book. Order and chaos are oposite sides of the fence, but they are still
within hearing distance.
Are there any other fantasy books without fantasy monsters?
If so send me an email of your favorite authors.

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