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Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman

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Submitted by koboldspike 
(Sep 09, 2010)

Well, the Coldfire Trilogy is absolutely amazing. Ms Friedman managed to create two fascinating main characters who keep haunting me for days now, making me think about concepts like "redemption" and "forgiveness", for example. The books definitely cater for readers who just enjoy a good SF/sword and sorcery yarn and readers who who are interested in the philosophical questions of the story alike.In my opinion there is a truly tragic aspect in the relationship between Vryce and Tarrant: at the beginning of their uneasy alliance their goals concerning the other are like "I want to see you dead after I'm finished using you" versus "I want you corrupted and shaken in your faith". Both achieve their goal, but tragically might willingly sacrifice their lifes to spare the other that fate. The main protagonist have gone a long way together, not just in miles, but emotionally as well, developing a deep caring for each other in spite of their differences. Might teach us something about tolerance (obviously I don't suggest we should tolerate somebody killing women; just wanted to stress that). In general Gerrald Tarrant reminded me a bit of Lucifer, the fallen angel (the proud, strong soul who doesn't accept the laws) and, don't laugh, of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, especially concerning the "there has to be some good in him still" thoughts cherished by Damien Vryce and Luke Skywalker alike.

Submitted by Leo Bernard 
(Sep 25, 2005)

This series is one of the best ever written. I read the series a few years ago, borrowed from a friend who loves fiction, but it turned out to be more than just fiction. It has deep philosophical content, subtly inserted by the author. Highly recommended for intelligent fiction lovers!! Indeed, a series sui generis!

Submitted by Hayley 
(Jun 13, 2005)

I am so thoroughly impressed with the series, that I've read it three times and my friends are probably sick of hearing of it. It is not so much Friedman's writing style, as her IDEAS in general. Maybe the series is great, or maybe it just resonates so well with my own tastes that I think it's perfect. Regardless, I hate that there aren't more sites relating to it, and that it has no prequel.

Submitted by Dave Langstaff 
(Oct 18, 2004)

I have to say that this was a GREAT series. The characters were well described and interesting. One thing I didn't like however was the constant "there is a greater enemy" after the first too books. But the fae was an interesting idea. I would rate this series 3.5. (average of my ratings of the individual books 1st: 4, 2nd: 2, 3rd: 4.5)

Submitted by Jennifer 
(Dec 12, 2002)

Had I never read these books, I would not be who I am now. I read them in 6th grade, and I read hundreds after them, seaching for the same mind blowing experience that these books provided for me...and I have yet to find any books of equal caliber. You truly can't help but wonder if you had changed in some way along with the charactors. If your tired of the same stereotypical science fiction and fantasy stories, then this will provide an excellent source of renewel.
I rate all three a 5, and my only wish is for Ms. Friedman to write another one, about Tarrant's history.

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