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Children of the Changeling by Greg Keyes

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Submitted by Skylar Odle 
(Jun 12, 2007)

Children of the Changeling was the first fantasy series that I ever read, and as such, shall always set foundly with me. Greg Keyes has a wonderful talent to take tried and true myths and legends, give them just the right twist and set them loose on his readers. The overall affect is a spellbinding web that forever binds his readers to his works.

I found the characters of both The Waterborn and The Black God entirely delightful. Keyes managed to bring out not only the heroics and romance that every good fantasy novel needs, but also the flaws and mishaps of each character creating an undeniably real and lifelike glamour.

The overall theme of the series is filled to the brim with native american folklore and legend, allowing the novel to have a more fireside and rustic feel to it than the other rather caustic reads that entertain many fantasy shelves.

Overall this is by far my favorite series and I doubt anything forthcoming will be able to oust it. However, I may have spoken too soon. Greg Keyes, Kingdom of Thorn and Bone, seems to have an extraordinary amount of potential.. I look forward to reading it and enjoying what else Keyes has to offer.

-Just as a side note: Keyes, If you stop writing...there's a good possibility that I may die...So bear that in mind when you finally plan on...retiring (insert random sign against evil here).

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