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Mode series by Piers Anthony

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Submitted by Tammi
(Feb 12, 2001)

I have always been an avid Science Fiction reader. Piers Anthony has blown me away with the 'Mode' Series. I have been anticipating the newest book of the series, DoOon Mode, for about 5 years. Hopefully he will continue in this series and be as dedicated to it as the Xanth series. Thank you, Piers Anthony, for taking me away from the everyday life routine and to experience the characters and adventures in your books.

Submitted by Cidney
(Jun 10, 2000)

Piers Anthony is mostly known for his pun-filled Xanth novels, but in my opinion, the books in the Mode series are his best works. They were my first introductions to Anthony, and I immediately identified with the protagonist, Colene. These books are more mature than Xanth, and are probably not for younger readers. The science involved (fractals, extinct life forms, etc.) gives depth to it without turning the series into science fiction. If you disliked Xanth, don't give up on Piers Anthony - this series is him at his best.

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