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Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop

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Submitted by Sandi 
(Mar 22, 2011)

I've read the Black Jewels Trilogy and enjoyed them immensely! I enjoyed them because the descriptions used let you form your own mental picture of the characters and their surroundings. The developement of the characters was wonderful, the metamorphisis of the "bad" guys to loveable characters for me was one point I really enjoyed. I fell in love with the kindred. Also, while loaded with sexual activity and innenduo, it was brief when it needed to be, expanded when needed, but didn't read like a "how to" handbook. These are definitely fantasy world reading with a love story, but not smut novels so many authors think they need to write to create a fan following. Great Reading! Yippee~yahoo.

Submitted by Alex 
(Oct 10, 2005)

These books were absolutly wonderful. I'm 14 and I found myself telling my friends, "I think I'll just stay home and read" rather than goin to the mall or movies or something. It was shocking when I realized how I felt so close to some characters and how much I hated others. At times I even found myself laughing or crying right out loud! I've recommended these books to many, many people but I cant even begin to stress how wonderful they truly are. I own every book published about "The Realms of the Blood", "The World of the Fae", and I am eagerly awaiting any and all books from "The Landscapes of Ephemera".

Submitted by Surreal 
(Oct 10, 2005)

When I first saw this trilogy i was a little hesitant about whether or not i would like it. I borrowed the books from the library and read the trilogy four times in one week! This trilogy is by far the best of any other trilogy/series or even book that i have evre read! (Lord of the rings is now in second place!) I own two copies of the trilogy now: one for reading whenever (while eating/sick and whatnot) and the other copy is nice and clean for reading in a clean and quiet environment. I reccomend this book to both genders and to anyone over the age of 13!

Submitted by Brendon 
(Jun 12, 2005)

I have to say that the basis for this book (role reversal, dark side) scared me a bit at first, but mostly in a kinky way. Once I started though, I could not stop for the life of me. The writing style does leave a lot for the reader to customize, which I like, and I found the perspective on blood males to be just what was lacking in fantasy. Hey ladies, there are civilized savages out there who can appreciate a real woman. My friends did look at me kinda funny when I recommended it to them. After many rereads, I gave my copy to my cousin and I think he will appreciate it and hopefully pass it on in his bible belt town =;}

Submitted by keida 
(Apr 12, 2005)

When I first heard about the Black Jewels trilogy was when my cousin read the books, but when I suggested that I give it a go she thought I would not understand them since I am only 13. But I did read all 3 books and found them most mesmerizing. I loved the Black Jewels trilogy so much I found my self crying throughout the books. It is one of the most breathtaking adventures about love, hope and dreams. I also loved the characters so much especially Daemon and Lucivar. And after I read them I still can't find a book that intrests me that much when I compare it to the Black Jewels trilogy.
It is the BEST!

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