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Rune Blade Trilogy by Ann Marston

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Submitted by mickie 
(Mar 09, 2009)

I am NOT a sci-fi reader. But if all the sci-fi books were like these 6, WOW, I would be a sci-fi reader only. I absolutely loved not only these 3 books but the next 3 books in this authors series,(Rune Blade & the Sword in Exile trilogy).I read these books in 2003 and then could not find them anywhere, in any library,or bookstore anywhere to reread. I found then on, thank god for amazon. Now I am proud owner of all 6. I reread my friends a couple times a year. Yes books are my friends, these 6 books are some of my BFF's. I own a few hundred or so books of all genras and 15 of them I will read 2-3 times a year..I visit my old friends and once again find adventure, comfort,joy and love amongst my friends.

Bless you Ann Marsdon for the gift you've been given.And Thank You for using said gift as you have. Are there anymore offings from the yrSki?? One can only hope..and pray for future books from her..

KUDOS Ann. Your books are much loved and very much appreciated, by this voracious reader anyway..
Thank You once again, I must get back to Brynda and Kenzie's story...

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