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Banned and the Banished by James Clemens

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Submitted by kurt schaber 
(Sep 05, 2007)

Having been reading epic fantasy novels for the past twenty years, I have come across more than a few duds and very few gems. Most modern epic fantasies seem to follow a Tolkein-like formula. James Clemens has taken this formula and totally made it his own. From the first few chapters I was hooked and devoured these books. His incredible detail to character and environment, and the twisting plot turns in this great story kept me reading page after page. I would rate this series along with The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, and The Song of Ice and Fire.

Submitted by DragonEyes 
(Jun 17, 2006)

It's so difficult to find fantasy novels that aren't poorly written, pornographic, or cliche. Clemens balanced imagination and practicality, sex and adventure, plot twists and the main purpose. I have a hard time losing myself in many fantasy novels, but this series kept me enthralled from beginning to end!

Submitted by Megz 
(May 09, 2005)

This is the best series I have ever read and believe me I've read a lot of series! James Clemens has the best imagination I just can't see how J.K. Rowling has got more publicity etc. than him (Harry Potter really isn't that good) I think the whole series would make a fantastic film. The plot is so imaginative and well thought of it's hard to think of it being written by one (brilliant) man. It's hard to write about witches(or wit'ches) and stuff like that without it going a bit cheesy (I've tried-badly) but James Clemens gets it spot on. I recommend the books to anyone, anywhere!

Submitted by Snake 
(Feb 28, 2005)

I have to say that is the beast book series of all time. Once I started them I litereally just couldn't stop. The plots and twists are amazing-certainly better than anything Tolkien ever did in my opinion-so good that I've read the whole series several times already and have signed the guestbook on Clemen's website.

Submitted by bree 
(Dec 28, 2004)

This is the most awesome series of all times! The everyday life entwined with the magick of forgotten centuries gives these books power to capture the mind in mere minutes... The exeptional creativity in Clemens's writing and the absolutely authentic world of witches and horrid experiences in his books makes the blood boil with excitement. Great!

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