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Magic Kingdom of Landover by Terry Brooks

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Submitted by Publius Varrus 
(Nov 08, 2006)

Truly a classic. The Best in the series (not that the sequels are not worth reading as well). I Think this series sits on the throne of the oft attepted light-hearted fairy tale type fantasy, where the protagonist traverses between our world and that other realm. Ben Holiday is a very relatable character that sells the whole thing with his Vain (mundane) point of view. Abernathy and Questor's humor provide the perfect amount of comic relief. The Paladin was pretty awe-inspiring too. Highly recommended too any fan of the "Harry Potter" series thats looking for something a bit more mature but still capturing the magic of a fairy tale novel. Hats off to Terry Brooks.

Submitted by Micah McQueary 
(Feb 01, 2005)

For someone who doesn't like the Shannara series, I found this book to be delightfully exceptional! I like books that set characters from a normal, modern day life and place them in a fantasy environment. It lessens the feel that the book was made by an obese, pimple covered mamma's boy that hides behind greasy thick glasses and eats pop-tarts after every meal.

His view on what a king SHOULD be brightened my heart, because it seems that he has a pretty smart view on what the job requires. Being an attorney, he knows excactly what to write, and mixing it with a wonderful fantasy kingdom makes it a unique and tasty read.

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