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DemonWars by R. A. Salvatore

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Submitted by Jon Peplinski
(Apr 06, 2001)

I think that this series is a real milestone in the career of R.A. Salvatore. The Demon Wars are like a culmination of all his talents as a writer. I remember how it felt to read his "Drizzt" books from Forgotten Realms. At first he was good to read because of his charming characters, fast-paced storytelling and excellent combat. Over the years I feel he has really rounded out as a writer, adding whole new dimensions to his characters and stories. Now, in the Demon Wars books, he starts on a whole new yarn with his own setting and all the skills he developed writing Forgotten Realms novels. Strong emotions, weakness and conflict in his characters, noble sacrifices and of course Salvatore's signature amazing fights are all strong points of this trilogy. Salvatore guides his characters through trials and triumph, success and failure, hope and despair with great skill and a unique style. Some of my personal favorite moments in the series include Elbryan's childhood lessons with Bell'imar Juraviel in The Demon Awakens, Master Jojonah's despair over the corruption of his religion and Elbryan's wild attack on an occupied town in The Demon Spirit, all the humour (another virtue of Salvatore's) but especially Bradwarden, and mark my words, the ending of this trilogy is Salvatore's best work. The entire third book is a real nightmare for the heroes which builds into a whirling tempest of emotion and combat and reaches a truly astounding climax. I recommend these books to any fan of fantasy, from start to finish.

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