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Star of the Guardians by Margaret Weis

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Submitted by R B 
(Mar 28, 2005)

The origional trilogy has been my favorite series since it was first published. The storyline is interesting, but what makes this trilogy shine is the deep emotional involvement in it's characters. The pain involved in choosing between conflicting desires is really the theme here. If you enjoy really getting drawn into the characters lives and feeling their emotions, I recommend this trilogy above all others. It's not really intended for the technophile type SF reader, the SF backround is (in my mind) merely backround for the actual story and characters to move through. In my opinion, Margaret Weis should write more books solo, every other book of hers I've read is co-authored, and none of them can match this.

Submitted by Mark Stratton 
(Aug 01, 2003)

When I first read "The Lost King" I had never read anything by Margaret Weis before (or Tracy Hickman). I was very impressed with her writing, but I was severely torn between whether I liked the story or not. I simply could not decide if I liked the emotion of the story enough to buy the rest of the series.

Curiosity won out - I HAD to find out what happened to the characters and figure out who the real enemy was. I am so glad that I continued reading. I would rate this series second only to "The Death Gate Cycle".

The second book "King's Test" really digs further into the characters' emotions and zeal. Plus, you learn that certain characters are not who you really thought they were.

The third book "King's Sacrifice" is the best in the series. This book completes the original trilogy and you could stop reading at this point if you wished to do so.

The fourth book "Ghost Legion" feels a little bit like an "add on" book since it is not imperative for the rest of the books to be completed. However, it does add some interesting aspects to the overall story, plus it clears up some of the "foreshadowing" and "prophecy" elements of the previous three.

Overall, this series is, by far, one of the best out there. I, for one, am a fan of Weis's and Hickman's solo efforts and I believe that Weis outdid herself when she wrote "The Star of the Guardians".

Submitted by David 
(Sep 16, 2002)

This was a very well written series. It was difficult locating the last three books of the series, but I was finally able to get them through the rare book finder at The first book is by far the best, but the others are well planned, well written and beautifully executed. The absense of Tracy Hickman is felt (especially if you've read Rose or Darksword) but it is still a good ride. This was Weis' dream. She wanted to tell this story for years, and was able to once she gained the clout. It's a wonderful thing that she did.

Submitted by Dneril Demerzel 
(Aug 03, 2002)

Margaret Weis, in one of her only solo acts, makes me wonder why she doesn't do her own stuff more often. A phrase that she uses in the introduction of one of the books, "science fantasy", is so true to this series, and I wish that such excellent authors of fantasy like Margaret Weis would delve into the world of science fiction more often. The extremely in-depth and complicated world is reminicent of her "Death Gate Cycle" series, and this series is what finally got me to read fantasy.

For once, a republic is shown to be corrupt, and an empire is shown to be good. There is no "happily ever after", and the main character, Dion Starfire, is such a dynamic character, and visibly hardens as the series continues. The sacrifices he makes shows us the full maturity of the series, letting us as readers know that love does not always triumph, and that sometimes you must do things for the sake of politics, instead of love.

Science fiction, fantasy, and definitely Star Wars fans alike should read this series.

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