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Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks

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Submitted by Sparhawk 
(Jul 08, 2002)

Brooks is one of these authors, which gave me "feeling" of their world. And he does it with the books of "Shannara".
I love this book, the world, the characters, the villains. Quite old-fashioned, some people will say, but in fact, this is the fantasy. Not that Brooks is perfect- his female characters aren't very good, sometimes the Half-Elven boy, which is the main character is annoying, but overall "Shannara" is at least in the rank of the "Lord of the Rings".
Cheers to Terry Brooks.

Submitted by Ashli 
(May 10, 2002)

Terry Brooks has captivated everyone I know who has read the books of Shannara. With his ability to weave silk webs with his words, he has allowed people of all ages to appreciate the history of this fantastic land. I made the mistake of reading the Heritage of Shannara first, but, even though I knew the outcome of first trilogy, reading the Heritage... didn't take away any of the mystery.

With the exception of Quicking and Preia, Brooks made all the characters out of any of the Shannara books my favorite. Especially Tay, from the First King of Shannara! When my best friend introduced me to these books, I admitt I was sceptical, but now I'm tell everybody I know about them.

With his vivid use of adjectives, Brooks can make any scene come to life. His best use of adjectives was the part in the Elfqueen of Shannara when Eowen died.
Overall the Shannara books are the best books I've ever read.

Submitted by Sohail 
(Jan 27, 2002)

I have always enjoyed reading since I can remember and my first books were the C S Lewis Narnia Chronicles. Such magical books which transported me into another time and made me feel as if I was actually there playing a role. Later on in life I too like some of the readers here was browsing through a second hand book store and I came across the Elfstones of Shannara. It cost me 1 and I must say it was the best pound that i spent because after taking the book home i read it in just under 2 hours and I was transported into this magical land undergoing the trials and tribulations of the characters. Soon after I was on the lookout for the rest of the Shannara series and can now say I have the entire collection to date. I have read each book at leat 3 to 4 times over and I never seem to get enough. The sign of a good book and writer is when he/she can captivate their audience in such a manner that the person is unable to put down that book. My thanks to you Mr. Brooks for bringing a little bit of Magic into my life and many others like me im sure.

Submitted by Nathan Gonzalez 
(Jan 19, 2002)

I think that Terry Brooks is one of the best authors in Fantasy. I have read all the Tolkien books, and I still think that Terry Brooks is not a rip-off of Tolkien's work. Especially the later books are quite original. I started reading the Shannara Series 2 years ago. I am now on Isle Witch. I have fell in love with these books. I have been able to escape from reality by simply reading a few pages. They have inspired me further to be a fantasy writer someday. I could say nothing bad about the Shannara series, although it would be nice to see more books like the World of Shannara book that came out. I hope Terry Brooks never stops writing.

Submitted by 
(Oct 25, 2001)

I have been reading the Terry Brooks "Shannara" series for years now. I think he is one of the great writers of the fantasy genre. Some people have said that he is getting repetitive, another mentioned that they were disappointed that the Ilse Witch wasn't a story in and of its self with the promise of a new adventure woven into the ending. I like to throw my two cents into this conversation. First of all, almost by definition Fantasy is repetitive. There are basic elements that seem to exist throughout the genre. The reluctant Hero. brought up in unremarkable circumstances, brought up by people who turn out not to be their biological parents, they have been chosen via birthright?and on and on. You will find this formula in Brooks, Jordan, Goodkind and many others. Secondly, one of the most successful if not the most successful series has been Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. It is a continuing series' that has been going on for what seems forever. Maybe one day I'll get around to reading it. His fans wait anxiously for each new book even though they are often 18 months to two years between. By not ending a story you build excitement. It is also not the first time Brooks has used this technique himself.. Lastly, I know that everything good must come to an end. I have great respect for David and Leigh Eddings who have sworn that they will not write anymore books with charters from the Belgariad and the Mallorean series. I personally would be sad if Brooks stops writing Shannara books. I don't solely read them for the tales themselves but also the vivid pictures that he paints in my mind. Terry Brooks is a good writer I would recommend any of his books and always look forward to the next one. Maybe sometimes there is a lack of new ideas. But, really if any of us were looking for something new I'm not sure we would continue reading fantasy at all.

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