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Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks

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Submitted by William Lovering
(Jan 06, 2001)

When I read the first Shannara book, "Sword of Shannara", I was blown away. Despite obvious heavy doses of Tolkien throughout, I thought that Mr. Brooks did an excellent job of creating an intriguing fantasy world and exciting characters. But I was most impressed by the somber mood that seemed to permeate the text, something sometimes lacking in fantasy literature. It made the story exquisite, conjuring images of dark fantasy that I had not experienced since the last time I read the Elric books by Michael Moorcock. I enjoyed the next two books in the series as well.Unfortunately, I think that perhaps the series should have stayed a trilogy. While the first three books were page turning masterpieces, I found every following book mediocre at best. While I'm not able to place my finger on what changed, I had trouble finishing some of the later books ("Elfqueen of Shannara") because reading them felt like a chore. I haven't read the latest, but I will because I'm cursed with incurable optimism, but can only in good faith recommend the first three as prime reading material.

Submitted by CJ
(Dec 28, 2000)

My review for Terry Brooks, and in particular the Shannara series, would have to be mixed. He seems to borrow a lot from the Tolkien tradition of fantasy epics; this is not necessarily a bad thing because Tolkien was a genius. The Shannara series has enough depth and complexity to keep readers (at least myself) interested, and he seems to aim more for mood setting than vivid detailed descriptions. Still, I found it difficult to imagine myself in the story at any point in time. Background and history are also worked well into storylines, but at times feels a bit repetitive (How many times must Coll and Par recount their journey in Scions of Shannara?). And unlike Tolkien, Brooks has not taken the time to ensure history is consistent. In Scions, Par notes that they had arrived to work in Varfleet 2 weeks earlier, yet when they are chased from the town later in the evening, Par mentions that they had not been paid for their last MONTHS work. A minor inconsistency, perhaps, but indicative of greater faults in the storyline. Characters, events, and lineages are misplaced often in his stories, which makes them confusing (and annoying) at times. On the whole, I think it would be worth it for Terry Brooks to write more books like the Magic Kingdom series; kooky and witty.

Submitted by Hay
(Dec 18, 2000)

I first got the book "The Sword of Shannara" not only because i was told of its bueaty but because i wanted to out-read my best friend. (The Sword was twice as long as her book.) And so i got to reading it, only durring the times when i was not writing my own novels or school work (which does come second of the two). About half way through, I came to conclude that I had a certain distaste for it. So I locked the book up in my closet forever-so-long. Just monthes ago, I was given the book "The Elfstones...". and decided to read it for my mum's sake. I swear this to you--I could not put it down. And now, I've read many books of the series, and totally adore them. The charactors, the plot, the way you know it is only fantasy, though you sort of forget, the whole wonderful adventure! And so I highly recomend it to any young (or old, or mid-aged) fantasy reader!

Submitted by Carrie
(Dec 10, 2000)

Hi. I'm in the eight grade. I just finished the last of the Heritage books. My avid fantasy reader cousin suggested the books to me when I had nothing to read. I absolutly loved them! Despite what most of the reviews have said, these are great books. It took me about a month to read all seven. I admit that the plot and characters are the same in the beginning of all of his books, but as you learn more about the character this proves to be untrue. For instance, Coll and Flick, I thought those two were going to be simalar, but I was wronge. I loved how Brooks finally put some romance in the heritage books. that was an added plus to the books. I like how the books have sided that appeal to both males and females, ex. the love and the battles. In conclusion, GREAT BOOKS!!!

Submitted by Albert Liu
(Dec 08, 2000)

The Shannara series... What can I say? Hmm... Incredible! Simply Incredible! Although, I never acutally finished one, I got half way in so many of his books, that I probably read five! I have recently thought of being a writer also, maybe even outdue Mr. Brooks. Like that'll ever happen! Well, I am currently a junior in high school. To tell you the truth, I never would have even touched the Shannara book, if not for playing the computer game. Then I went to the local library and found "The Talismans of Shannara" A magnificent book, If I may say. Other people say that he copied off another book by Tolkien or something but... The others were original and great. I wanted to finish reading TTOS, but it was due back, I checked it out again, but still couldn't finish the book. GREAT BOOK!!! Allanon... The best character, hunted down, four riders of apocalypse, tries to escape... Eats an apple in front of them with an invisibility spell, very amusing. I read "The Wishsong of Shannara" also. Another great character... Garet Jax. I wanna be like him, hehe. I recommend this series to everyone out there... I wish I could write like him...

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