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Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks

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Submitted by Wes Sperry
(Nov 24, 2000)

I am an avid Terry Brooks reader.  I enjoy the world he is created, and the adventures that take place there.  Many say that his books are just take offs of Tolkein, but so are every other fantasy series ever written.  What I like about Brooks is that he is not afraid to kill major characters.  All of the other authors I have read will not kill any main character, and so the reader has a sense that they will survive, no matter what.  Brooks is not afraid to do this, which lends to the dark and foreboding atmosphere these books create.  In the newest installment, Ilse Witch, Brooks wastes no time drawing the reader in with murder, mutilation, and mystery.  It promises to be a great series.

Submitted by Jared F. Patton
(Nov 24, 2000)

My former science teacher in middle school recommended me to read the Sword of the Shannara. I decided to act on her recommendation, so I went to a bookstore in town and bought the book. Within five minutes into the book, I became engrossed in the book and finished it three hours later. I went out and bought the rest of the series. That began my interest in fantasy and science fiction books, I have now amassed a giant collection of general fantasy series as well as science fiction. I have to say that Terry Brooks is a very good storyteller and I feel that he will do more in future, i'm also hoping i'd get to see in-depth about Jerle Shannara and his family as well how the sword was constructed. Keep the good work up Mr. Brooks.

Submitted by Hay
(Nov 24, 2000)

I've only just started reading the Sword of Shannara by Brooks, but as far as I can tell, it is very well written. And by what I've heard, so is the rest of the series. But as I've discovered, Brooks focuses more on the time and place, charactors, and other small details than the large happenings really effecting the plot of the story. When somthing happens, it happens than and is over with. I realize that is his style  of writing, but it sort of makes following along with the story difficult. But that is pretty much it...

Submitted by Joshua Kirch
(Nov 20, 2000)

I'm sorry to burst anyones bubble, but Terry Brooks is the most bland fantasy author ever. All of The Sword was taken from Lord of the Rings, and only goes downhill from there.

Submitted by Dan
(Nov 10, 2000)

Terry Brooks has produced several large Shanarra series, and they're interesting in a sense, but you think that he could cut down wordiness just a bit.  Additionally, his characters generally seem cut from the same stock and used over and over again.

If he would focus more on the post-nuclear holocaust world (which is what the books are all about), where the civilization went, how it fragmented, the origin of the magic, its relationship to the "old" science, and how his characters seek to bring the world out of its apparent dark age **without taking five books to do it** then the Ilse Witch may be an interesting series.

As it is, Orson Scott Card is far, far better at this game.

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