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Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks

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Submitted by Darrell deBoer
(Oct 27, 2000)

The Shannara series began my life as an avid reader of fantasy and fiction novels.  First capturing my interests in the Elfstones which I stumbled upon in a library while I was taking a break from a research paper.  A mere ten minute break was all that I was seeking.  Much more time than that was lost.  Time well spent...  since then I have read each and every book of the four lands.  I, unlike some skeptics, believe that for a fantasy character builder and story teller like Terry Brooks there are many more stories to tell as the four lands evolve.  I would like to see another sequal series as opposed to a prequel like the King, or like the Jerle series (all very good stories).  Like others who have read these stories I believe that there is no end in sight and am anxious to know what happens next...  Please don't keep us waiting too long Mr. Brooks...

Submitted by Daniel
(Oct 22, 2000)

Terry Brooks rocks! The first book that I read of his (Elfstones) got me hooked. I was sitting with nothing to do and my dad handed me a book and said,"Read for 10 minutes.". I wasn't into reading but I read it any way. I loved it I read 10 minutes and didn't want to put it down. Since then I've read all the Shannara and I'm going to read the Landover series and the Word & Void series. I loved the Shannara and if I can read it, (a 14 yearold male from montana) any one can. Thanks Terry.

Submitted by
(Sep 03, 2000)

This is the first book I've ever read and I have been a rabid fantasy reader ever since.  Brooks is the man when it comes to this genre.  I absolutely could not put the books down, nor could I wait for the next book to come into hardcover.  I have read hundreds of books from many many many authors (including king), and Brooks is by far the most captivating and complex of the writers. 
  I particularly loved the character Walker Boh, and my favorite of this fantastic series is the Druid.  thank You Terry.  Im anxiously awaiting the revival of the shanarra epic.

Submitted by Paul
(Jul 04, 2000)

I have read most of Brook's books and I would have to say that this series is the best of his work.  Sword is very very similar to Lord of the Rings (you can almost follow the two stories, point by point). Elfstones is the most enjoyable.  Wishsong is an adequate ending to the trilogy.  First King is a good prequel and should be read only after the trilogy.

The series is not the best fantasy I have ever read but I liked it.  I don't want to call it simplistic, but it is an easy read. 

Submitted by Charlotte Hay
(Jun 26, 2000)

I am 17 and would like to say that this series of books are the best that i have ever read. They give me a means of escape to fall into a brilliant fantasy land and have also given me insight into starting to write stories of my own!I think that they give people an opportunity to get away from normal life and dissapear for a few hours into a world that many people would like to experience. Once picked up, these stories cannot be put down and will stay with me for a long time!

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