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Shannara Trilogy by Terry Brooks

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Submitted by Sarah
(May 31, 2000)

I am a 14 year old female, whom most would think would not be the least bit interested in an author such as Terry Brooks. Most do not think his book would be reading material capable of interesting a teenage girl like myself. However "most" are wrong. I have been a huge fan of Terry for years. My father, Andy, also a huge fan, introduced the book "The Sword of Shannara" to me when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was hooked from the start. After Sword, I then read Elfstones, Wishsong, and am currently nearing the end of Scions. I feel as though I have grown up with Terry. As I matured from a child to a young adult, Terry's writing seemed to mature as well, and his books just kept getting better and better. I thought that the Shannara books were the best books ever written and that I would never read anything better. Well, in between reading Elfstones and Wishsong, I read the book "Magic Kingdom for Sale--Sold!". It was like rediscovering Terry Brooks all over again. Once again, Terrance Dean Brooks had succeeded in capturing my attention, and holding it until the last page was read. He amazes me. I adore his books, and treasure every moment spent reading them. My father owns every book he has written, except for a few he has lost along the way. I plan to read every one. My father's Terry Brooks colection also includes a few very special items. These are 4 autographed books, and probably what me and my father would consider the most valuable items in our possession. Terry autographed Sword, Wishsong, Elfstones, and Scions for my father, and my favorite one is Scions. This is because, although the other 3 all read "To Andy, Sarah, and Katie--Best Wishes, Terry Brooks" (Katie is my younger sister, who has begun to read Sword, but isn't quite as enthused as I was!), Scions says something differant. On the first page, in Terry's slightly messy handwriting, it reads, "To Andy, a fan of now-- To Sarah and Katie, future fans: Believe in the magic. Terry Brooks 3/90" Well Terry, I do.

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