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The Demon Child Trilogy by Jennifer Fallon

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Submitted by Elyas 
(Oct 13, 2004)

“The small country of Medalon lies between the vast nation of Karien in the north and the nations of Fardohnya and Hythria in the south. For centuries the Medalonians co-existed peacefully with the Harshini, a magical race that abhors killing. They are gone now and the Sisters of the Blade rule Medalon from the Citadel. An elite army of Defenders enforces the Sisterhood's oppressive rule. The Harshini and their demons are believed to be extinct and Medalon has an uneasy peace with its northern and southern neighbours.
R'shiel Tenragan, daughter of the First Sister, and her half-brother Tarja find themselves caught up in the political infighting amongst the Sisters of the Blade. When their mother's scheming becomes too much to bear, they flee the Citadel and their lives take a turn neither could ever have imagined.
Meanwhile, far south in Hythria, Brak, a Harshini outcast, is called on to find the demon child, the half-human child of the dead Harshini King, Lorandranek. “
I Initially purchased this book due to its stunning cover art by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and the fact that the store was promoting the fact that it was by an Australian Author, being somewhat of a patriot to the great southern land I call home I decided to give it a shot. Once home I started reading and exploring the world of Jennifer Fallon and found it full of a rich and diverse cast of characters all of whom felt completely realistic and drew me in to there own little worlds. The Demon child follows the stories of two of the nations finest as there world dramatically change around them and they are forced to become all that they once stood against. Both are forced to go through there personal hells before they can even begin to become who they one day must become. This book while not my favorite Fallon book will get you hooked and its sets every thing up wonderfully for the rest of the series.

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