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Deathstalker by Simon Green

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Submitted by 
(Mar 09, 2009)

This review is more about the whole Deathstalker saga, not of a particular book of the serie. I prefer to comment on all the serie because it would be hard to just take one book and only talk about this one since the action never stop from book 1 to book 7.
I discovered this author by accident. I was working as a librarian and i saw the cover of the first book in french traduction and loved the artwork made by Olivier Vatine. Then i read the resumÚ and tough i'd like it. So i started to read it and just fell in love with the way Simon R. Green depicted this completely new world he created. He describe all the details so well, so lightly that you never feel it's over done or too much. Just enough so that you can ýmagine everything without any effort.
I tought this serie as a big part of the sci-fi world because of its different approach of the science-fiction. It's not just computer and very technical terms, of course there's some but it mixes police investigations, gore (ohhhh yes gore!!!), imposible love story and whole lot of action!!!!


Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jun 14, 2002)

Simon R Green has created a galaxy-spanning tale of friendship, betrayal, glory duty and honor, not to mention action. In the first book alone, one man defeats an army of blood-crazed stoners led by a sadistic geneticaly engeneered vampire thing, called a Wampyr. Great fun.

Submitted by Keyoke 
(Mar 11, 2002)

First off, I will state that the Deathstalker series is cheesey sci-fi at it's best. I enjoyed the first two books immensely. Though, unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the third book.

My biggest complaint with the third book is that it is seperated into three seperate stories, each invovled a few of the main characters. That in itself is fine, but, the fact that each of the stories were pretty well the same. This lead to a stale and often boring book. Plenty of action, but, that was hardly enough to keep my attention.

A few secrets were revealed in this book, but, those were not all that breath taking or hard to predict. And finally, many times, the hero's would over come great obstacles simply by utilizing a power they had gained from the Madness maze (Earlier books).. While I knew this would happen, I had hope for a little more.

All and all, I am glad I read this book as it does wrap up the intial story of the rebellion vs. Lionstone's empire. On a rainy day, I will pick up the fourth book. It at least starts a new story arc of a impending alien invasion, which was one of the key things of the first two books that was hinted at, and that I enjoyed.


Submitted by Rodney Powell
(Jun 02, 1999)

This is a swashbuckling sf novel to rival Star Wars.Owen Deathstalker is reluctant hero who is outlawed by the evil Galactic Empress, LionstoneIV. He must lead a rebellion to topple her brutal empire. This novel has intrigue, humor, bloodthirsty aliens, sinister A.I. and avalanche of action.It also boasts a villianess that makes Darth Vader look like Gandhi!

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