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Faded Sun trilogy by C. J. Cherryh

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Submitted by Jeff
(Nov 26, 2000)

I read this series when they were released as one book a few years ago and remains to this day one of my favourite books.

The writer completely immerses you into the different cultures to a depth not often seen nowadays.
The kel were my special favourites in this series.

Reading this book prompted me to buy the Chronicles of Morgaine(Which has been signed).
I just cannot recommend this writer enough.

Submitted by Blake Hyde
(Nov 20, 2000)

I read the first two books in this omnibus edition, and enjoyed them.  However, by the third book, Kutath, I was bored.  I'm not sure what, but this trilogy is just lacking in some way.  The story seems well told on the surface, and the plot is of course intriguing, but Cherryh failed to endear the characters to me, and I found myself on page 546, not really wanting to continue.  I think perhaps the series should have been a duology, ending right after Shon'jir, but obviously it wasn't, and so the trilogy fails.

Cherryh has great talents as a writer, and so I regret that I have to rate this book low due to its lacking qualities (which it is impossible to put a finger on).  9/20.

Submitted by DarkRamoth
(Nov 02, 2000)

The trilogy, available in a rather large 3-in-1 book, contains 'Kesrith', 'Shon'jir', and 'Kutath'. Cherryh is an incredible world builder, and a grand master at creating new and fascinating species for humans to meet and interact with. These books analyze a post-war relationship between the Regul, interstellar merchants who warred against the humans, the humans who barely survived the war, and the Mri, a separate species who for generations have been the hired mercenaries of the Regul. The three distinct ways of life, cultures and concepts of honor and survival astounded me as I read. It is what kept me hooked on the story, as long as it was. I carried this book with me everywhere and truly enjoyed it. The elements of philosophy, social structure and different mind sets of Cherryh's creations constantly amazed me and actually forced me to analyze how I felt regarding war, honor, true courage, and the costs one pays for war. A truly great series! As it is my first experience of Cherryh, it definitely makes me want to find more.

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