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Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson

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Submitted by Craig 
(Jan 26, 2007)

TSCOTC are made up of three books; The Wounded Land, The One Tree and White Gold Wielder. The books are set 10 years real world time and 4000 years land time after the events of the first chronicles. Lord Foul has regained his power and lures Thomas Covenant back into the land. However this time he does not come alone and inadvertently brings a physician; Linden Avery; to the land as well. The story is predominantly told from these two characters point of view, with a two-thirds to one-third ratio in favour of Covenant. The fate of a few characters from the first chronicles, most notably Hile Troy, is revealed but for the most part these are still left to the readerís imagination. Covenant (and Linden) is still plagued by self doubt but nowhere near the degree he was in the first series The second trilogy explores the world of the land to a much greater degree and really gives the reader a sense of how large and diverse it really is. One of the main strengths of the first set of books was the diverse and enduring set of characters that Donaldson was able to produce and I am happy to say that the same applies here. Interestingly Donaldson brings a few dark horses into play early on in the first book and I was still trying to guess exactly what they were up to near the end of the third book, this was particularly well done. Donaldson portrays tragedy and triumph particularly well and there are numerous examples of both throughout the books, it is in such circumstances that you realize how attached you have become to the characters. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this series and as a whole they are better than the first chronicles.

Submitted by Michael Pollock 
(Oct 11, 2002)

I've been reading Fantasy Novels for years, and I'll admit that I've read SINGLE books that eclipse Donaldson's Thomas Covenant series, but no other Trilogy or Series has come any where close to the quality of a world that Donaldson lays in them.

Donaldson could have written books on the MINOR characters in his stories because they were all so intermingled in the plot that they all had huge pieces of history that he was able to tie into every situation.

The Land, the place Thomas Covenant was brought to, is probably the most intricate Fantasy 'place' I've ever encountered in my reading. Covenant's adventures take him all over the map given to you in the front of the books AND beyond. And everything is so consistant that it makes you wonder if Donaldson had actually experienced these things himself.

I'm a writter myself and I try to model myself to Donaldson's style. His story is like a Roman statue, precisly cut and beautiful. I think that above all else, these books are the most polished collection of the fantasy genre EVER.

Submitted by Tamil Selvan 
(Sep 03, 2001)

When I first picked up the first chronicles, I thought it was just another dumb mythological book. it was only after reading it that I realised that I had nothing for that whole week except read that book. now I'm halfway through the 2nd chronicles and I can't wait to see if Thomas does it again. excellent book.

Submitted by Josh
(Jan 03, 2001)

I have not finished the second set yet but I'm in the middle of the second book. I never have like to read because books slow down and I can put them down really fast but this book has kept me reading. I believe that a movie should be made and if one isn't then someone is missing out on a lot of money. Very awesome book. Read it!

Submitted by Pejay
(Dec 25, 1999)

I hate to admit that I have never read The First Chronicles. I have always wanted to read them.
However I am unable to find them anywhere. It was Donaldson that set my feet forever upon the path
of science fanticy. I was hopelessly hooked. I have read The Second Chronicale at least three times.
I enjoyed them so much that I have found few stories to date to compair. At the time that I read
Stephen Donaldsons Second Chronicals of Thomas Covenant I was out of work, no money and down in
the dumps. I found all three books at the public libary and felt that they would keep me busy for
at least a few weeks. I was wrong. I finished all the books in about three days. All that I can say
is that I came away from the story with a new attitude. A wonderful read.

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