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Conan by Robert Jordan

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(Feb 11, 2003)

The series of books called the Conan Chronicles has opened my eyes to the immense world of fantasy. Robert Jordan took me to a world that I had never dreamed of before and thrilled me with every twist and turn from the description of the cities of Shadizar to Venydan to the attention to detail of the creatures and who could forget the women. what also interested me was the elaborate detail of Conan's battles, either with the murderous, relentless barrage of attacks Conan used as he waded knee deep in the bodies of his enemies.
Robert Jordan's attention to detail in my opinion is profound, so in conclusion "The Conan Chronicles" by, Robert Jordan is a 'must' read.

Submitted by Battleblade_Knightmare
(Feb 09, 2001)

The Conan Chronicles were very different from what i expected after reading the Wheel Of Time series, but were very good none-the-less. Jordan was not free to do as he pleased in this series because the world and cultures were already created. He could not even change anything about the hero of the story, Conan the Barbarian.When I read the books, I had not seen the awful Schwarznegger films, Barbarian and Destroyer, which was fortunate because they may have put me off reading the books.

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