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Catteni by Anne McCaffrey

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 31, 2005)

I think that Anne McCaffrey is beyond wonderful and imaginative. I've read the Catteni series several times. I become totally absorbed while i'm reading your books. It's as though i'm there. I can see the countryside, smell the mountain aire, taste the pure clean water, as well as see a recovering Earth or sympathise with the heavy gravity on Catten. I like to see more books dealing with the Catteni and Human problems and triumphs. I'd also like to see how Kris and Zainal continue to deal with life and their family as well as having to outwit the merchants at Barevi, and help Earth get back on her collective feet. As well as bringing some of the Farmers technology and morals to but not so much to Barevi. It would also be nice to see Earth and Catteni actively searching for new planets to peacefully occupy together. If Earth and Barevi so desperately need unrefined materials, why not use the catteni drassi that are still captive in one of the sealed valleys. As they are much stronger than humans. Their strength would be an asset. Also why not allow the Rassi to leave Catten, they again are still stronger then we are. They would also be an asset in the mines if they were treated properly. Why not have Botany open up some beach front and some of the valleys to visiting/vacationing Catteni such as Kamiton and his family as well as others. Also why not bring back from Earth someone who could help the Botanists to start building ships so they could fish on a larger scale. That could also be used to barter with as well as Botanist care packages. I don't know if you had planned to write anymore concerning the Botanists and Catteni but I certainly hope you do! I eagerly look forward to reading the next installment in this series.

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