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whatever happened to Janie? and The Voice on the Radio by Caroline Cooney

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Submitted by Sandra Severson 
(Dec 01, 2005)

I am an English teacher and I use this series of 4 "Janie" books in teaching a reading unit. (I'm surprised to see the error in the category listing - it is not SCIENCE fiction!)
My high school students were totally silent as we read aloud all 4 books in class, had discussions, did some writing. We are SO disappointed to not be able to find a copy of the TV movie, THE FACE ON THE MILK CARTON. Though I've tried - even through interlibrary loan - I can't find a copy.
This series is just a tad unrealistic, if you consider the seemingly unlimited finances of Janie's fake family and how they operate. The end of the final book leaves the reader unsatisfied - we all want to somehow hurt or appropriately punish a perpetrator who in any way harms a child, and that does not happen. However, there is realism in how Janie/Jennie feels, how she reacts to the people who want to see, touch, analyze or somehow benefit from her, as well as realism in her relationships with friends and her boyfriend. Teens can relate to Janie/Jennie, and can learn some lessons from the series.
If anyone knows how I can get a copy of this made-for-TV movie, I would appreciate hearing from them.
Sandra Severson

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