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Kiesha' ra by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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Submitted by Raiaica 
(Jun 14, 2005)

I usually just walk into a book store and let my imagination roll. I look for interesting titles and wait for a book to catch my eye. If I like the summaries I go for it. The day I found the previous books of Atwater's I was looking into vampires. It didn't take me long to finish ALL of hers once they were spotted. Later Hawksong came out and - I'll admit- I was expecting more vamps, but I was in for a surprise. My mood had changed and I was hypnotized by the dramatic plot and the expressive dialog. I was no longer myself but a character in the book. Feeling what they felt, being in their mindset and knowing what was about to happen or how they would face something. I loved the new choice of plot, not just for her, but all books I'd previously read. After I finished Hawksong, I was both satisfied and angry. I had to wait for Snakecharm! After its arrival it took me only 5 hours to finish. The only thing I'd have to say I didn't like about the books was that I wish the feelings lasted longer, with a book length long enough to force me to set it down. The suspense of having to wait another day would just make me appreciate these wonderful novels even more. I like that they are all semi-romances because it gives them a touch of innocence. Plus, the dark and mysterious are my favorites. ;p

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