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Warriors by Erin Hunter

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Submitted by Amanda/Hawkfire 
(Oct 17, 2006)

I absolutely loooooove the Warriors books! They are my favorite series of books. I love how Erin Hunter makes the characters seem real, so you actually feel like you know them personally. My favorite book in the series is The Darkest Hour. It is sad in some parts, but the plot is amazing! All of her books make you wonder what your own cat really thinks. I have read all of the books in the oringinal series, and I have read 1 book in the New Prophecy series. My favorite character in the original series was probably Bluestar, but I really liked Fireheart/Firestar, and Sandstorm too. If you go to and go to games, you can find out your warrior name and clan. It is a lot of fun. I really loved the Warriors books!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 25, 2006)

I loved this book. I mean, I've never met one person who thought this book was bad. The characters, besides their species, are very realistic, and there is no such thing as a "completely evil" character. Despite the fact that Tigerclaw was the main villain, he was extremely loyal to his clan and an excellent fighter. He was just entirely too ambitious and wanted power over the clan. He becomes corrupted later in the series because of his ambition.
That is a very possible personality.
There is also no such thing as a "perfect" character.
Fireheart might be the main 'good' character, but he is in no ways perfect. When he first started in ThunderClan, for example, he wasn't a very good fighter. He was jump willing to learn.
All in all, with excellent characters and dan amazing plotline, I recommend this book to anyone.

Submitted by Zoie 
(Apr 13, 2006)

Erin Hunter's series, Warriors, is a captured glance at what might be up puss' fur.
With the mix of fantasy and who-knows-what-else, the books are irresisteble and VERY hard to put down. Fireheart's journey is never fully over and is full of suspense. If you have not read Warriors, I suggest you run to Barnes & Noble and get as many of these books as you're budget will allow you.Then run to Wal-Mart and stock up on Pepsi and Twinkies because you're in for a journey!

Submitted by Jenna 
(Jan 03, 2006)

I thought that this book was AMAZING! When I read this book I was so astonished at the amazing world of the Clan cats. Once I started reading I couldnt put the book down; I stayed up all night reading. I really enjoyed the fact that Erin Hunter really made the characters seem real and believeable. I especially like the fact that there is always a mystery that keeps you hanging and you never know what's going to happen next. I haven't had a chance to read all of the books in the series yet; I just finished the first one last night, but I plan on reading them as soon as I can get my hands on them! I can't wait for the next adventure!!

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Sep 03, 2005)

Warriors has to be the best series I've ever read. Erin Hunter does an out of this world job with the characters and reality behind her story line. There is a certain element buried within the series that makes you feel that the events happening could and might be happening right now in the animal world. The struggle and daily life of the cats makes the book impossible to put down and makes it just as impossible to wait for the next book of the series to be released! If you havenít read the Warriors series yet, then you are really missing out. Firepaw's journey through apprenticeship, warrior duty, struggle as deputy, and finally his term as leader is both engrossing and awesome. Go pick up the 6 original books and the books of the New Prophecy today and fuel your imagination!! Youíll never look at a cat the same way again!

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