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The Fourth Realm by John Twelve Hawks

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Submitted by Oka Yanalli 
(Mar 09, 2009)

I have read both of these books several times and they are very good. 'The Dark River' is especially good because it delves deeper into our own reality, our "own world" if you will. We have cameras on every block, at every ATM, in places we don't even know about. Worldwide governments have been discussing a worldwide monetary system for many years now. Why not go one step further? Currently they are putting microchips into pets so if they get lost, they can be found. Although some of these are breaking down, they will find a better one - a better way, you can count on it. I have seen "futuristic" e-commercials where humans have microchips implanted in their hands and all they have to do is is scan their hand across a screen to pay for something or get into a building. You may laugh or think I am paranoid, but believe me when I say: it is right around the corner. And where will you be? On or off the grid....?

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