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Prince of Nothing, The by R. Scott Bakker

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Submitted by james lee 
(May 03, 2008)

Let me start off by saying how rare it is to find a series that has gripped me as tight as this one has. I believe that this series is among the strongest in fantasy today. Now you have to understand that this series is not meant for kids. It has a lot of violence but not just for the sake of violence if you know what I mean. Bakker has made a world that lives and breathes as surely as you or I do. Some may not like the violence, sexual content or the treatment of women in general in these books, this is understandable. You have to take into account that in past societies this is the way it was and simply put his ability to create a world with such strong realistic characters that have the ability to anger people only illustrates this point. It is a fact that horrible things happen in war. People die, loot, are raped. It is by no stretch of the imagination pretty but that is the way it is. In my opinon with this series and this author we have the closest to A Song of Ice and Fire and George R.R. Martin as we can hope to get. I strongly urge anyone who is a fan of fantasy to pick this series up and give it a try.

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