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Gap Cycle, The by Stephen R. Donaldson

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Submitted by Londoner 
(Apr 18, 2006)

I'm a history grad and hence primarily a reader of non fiction although I've built up a 2-300 book collection of Sci Fi over the last 15 years. The Real Story (so aptly named!), the start of this masterpiece series is, without exception the most moving, memorable mindblowing sci fi I've ever read. You WILL NOT guess the ending, like so much predicable hero-villian sci fi, you WILL NOT put this book/series down, you WILL NOT forget these books, ever.

Submitted by Mark Rowen 
(Nov 12, 2004)

I just finished this book--or should I say I finished devouring it. Once you get past the events that lead Linden Avery back to The Land the story really takes off. There are many plots twists and Mr. Donaldson can flat out write his ass off. The on-going tortured hero/heroine effect that Linden goes through gets tedious at times, and repetitive, but I'd probably feel the same way if I was placed in her position. And I'd very likely do it with a lot less dignity and grace, and a whole lot more profanity. I loved this book and can hardly wait for the remainder of the series to be published.

Submitted by Dane Burton 
(Aug 10, 2004)

After reading the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, I thought nothing could could top it, I was wrong. The Gap series is simply amazing.
Stephen Donalsdon uses a completely differnt writing style that anything I have ever seen, and is not afraid to pull any punches, especially when it comes to touchy subjects. The depth that he manipulates thoughts and emotions is remarkable, and has to be read to beleive. Also the plots and schemes are so intertwined they hurt your brain, at least it did mine. But perhaps the best quality of this book are the issues it brings up. Like human existance, worth, inadequacy, strength, weakness, trust and betrayel are only a few. Truly this book must be read to be beleived.

Submitted by Matt English 
(May 18, 2003)

Well, this would have to be the best modern science fiction series around today. Not only does Donaldson have fantastic characters, intricate plot and believable senarios, he has created a world that could exist and is as engrosing as any I have ever encounted.
The extent of humanity is explored through the actions of the actors and yet there is more to the world Donaldson has created. If he were less of an author he could tap out the vein of this universe for the rest of his writing career. Yet as good as the Gap series is, Donaldson has gone on to challenge himself with other genre after completing this masterpiece, which in my opinion is his greatest yet.

Submitted by Cris 
(Aug 03, 2002)

Basically I am surprised that Donaldson is famous for Thomas Covenant and not The GAP series.I have read the chronicles of Thomas Covenant and I found them incredibly boring so i was really dissapointed about Donaldson.I had heard so much after all about his skill.Fortunately a friend of mine persuaded me to read the Gap Series.I cannot believe that its the same person who wrote these two series.The Gap series is my second best after the song of ice and fire by George MArtin.The cast of characters is unbelievable.If u think Thomas is a great antihero then read about Angus Thermopyle.The plot is very clever.Many twists and intrigues and tones of unparallel action.And think that after all I am not a great fan of science fiction. I really prefer sword and sorcery stuff.This series is a great drama in an ominous near future.Judge Donaldson from these books.By the way sorry about my poor use of English but to write the review in Greek would be useless;)

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