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Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass

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Submitted by Madison Lee  
(Mar 22, 2011)

I was extremely impressed by this series. To me, the story is very reflective of the moral and ethical dilemmas that modern society faces. From attempts of genocide, varying religious beliefs amongst characters, environmental disaster/loss of habitat, the seizing of land, racism, sexism and sexual freedom. The lead male protagonist, Axis, does seem to slowly drift away from the lime light progressively over the 3 books. But I believe that the feminine power that takes place as a potentially more powerful, more potent force, is not without due reason. The story line is very coherent and I found myself with such a deep understanding and attachment to all of the main characters. This is a riveting trilogy that I would highly recommend.

Submitted by callmetezza 
(Jan 22, 2005)

The Axis Trilogy - consisting of BattleAxe, Enchanter & Starman - is a surprisingly good read which I highly recommend. Yes, I am an Aussie but that in no way makes my opinion biased. There are a few slightly annoying aspects about this series, not the least of which is the way ol' Axis progresses during each book (from strong, main character in the first book, to plain bystander in the last). But I would still recommend it to any fan of the fantasy genre. Douglas keeps the trilogy flowing quite nicely and most people will find the books very easy to read.

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