Reader reviews and comments - C

Calvino, Italo
Invisible Cities
Campbell, John W.
Who Goes There?
Canavan, Trudi
The Magicians' Guild
Voice of the Gods
The Magicians Guild
The High Lord
Card, Orson Scott
Folk of the Fringe, The
Speaker for the Dead
A Planet Called Treason
Ender's Shadow
The Memory of Earth
Pastwatch: the Redemption of Christopher Columbus
Ender's Game
Worthing Saga, The
Cardwell, Nathan
The Dogs of Holly Warren
Carey, Jacqueline
Kushiel's Chosen
Kushiel's Avatar
Kushiel's Dart
Carraher, Philip J.
The Necklace of Stones
Carter, Lin
The Tower At The Edge of Time
Casey, C.A.
Game of Truth
Cast, Kristin
Cat, Ivan
Burning Hearth of Night
Catlett, Pat
The Ring of Naar
Chaw Den
The Wolf & The Worm
Cawthra, Lin
Primus Three
Ceniceros, Marsha
Flames of Torment
Chalker, Jack L.
When the Changewinds Blow
The Run to Chaos Keep
Soul Rider Series
The Demons at Rainbow Bridge
Chance, Karen
Touch the Dark
Chant, Joy
Red Moon and Black Mountain
Chernenko, Dan
Chernagor Pirates
The Scepter Returns
The Bastard King
Cherryh, C. J.
Downbelow Station
Chester, Deborah
Ring, The
The Queens' Gambit
Chalice, The
Sword, The
Christensen, Michael D.
The Tomb of the Devils
Christopher, John
The Guardians
City of Gold and Lead, The
The Lotus Caves
Empty World
Cladingboel, Neil
Tale Spin
Clark, T.A.
Uncertain Magic
Clark, Will
Behold Leviathan
Clarke, Arthur C.
Rama II
Rendezvous With Rama
A Fall of Moondust
City and the Stars, The
Tales From the White Hart
Childhood's End
Clarke, Susanna
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel
Clemens, James
Wit'ch Storm
Wit'Ch Star
Wit'Ch Fire
Wit'Ch Gate
Wit'Ch War
Clement, JA
On Dark Shores: The Lady
Clemons, Charles
Cosmic Contemplations
Coe, David B.
Children of Amarid
Colfer, Eoin
Artemis Fowl: the Arctic Incident
Collins, Catherine Anne
Sword Across Time
Collins, Helen
Collins, Nancy
Midnight Blue Sonya
Collins, Phillip D
Of Angelic Blood and Other Tales
Collins, Shalanna
Constantine, Storm
Wraiths of Will and Pleasure
Cook, Glen
The Black Company
Faded Steel Heat
Cook, Hugh
The Walrus And The Warwolf
Cooney, Caroline
Coonts, Stephen
Cooper, Edmund
All Fools Day
Cooper, Louise
The Sleep Of Stone
Cormack, Drew
The Alefin Warlock
Courtney, Bryce
Matthew Flinders' Cat
brother fish
power of one
White Thorn
Power of One, The
Brother Fish
Four Fires
Potato Factory, The
Family Frying Pan
Coville, Bruce
Into the Land of the Unicorns
Song of the Wanderer
The Dragonslayers
Cox, Greg
To Reign in Hell
The Q Continuum
Craddock, Curtis
Sparrows Flight
Crawford, David Andrew
Dark Solus An Assassin`s Tale
Creech, Sharon
Crichton, Michael
Crilley, Paul
Night of the Long Shadows
Crispin, A.C.
The Paradise Snare
Croggon, Alison
The Crow
The Gift
The Riddle
Crowley, John
Little, Big
Cunningham, Elaine
Honor Among Thieves
Curtis Klause, Annette
Blood and Chocolate
silver kiss
Cusack, Louise
Destiny of the Light