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Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes #26 by Mark Waid   (4 ratings)

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Rating (4 ratings)
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Comic Book Information  
AuthorMark Waid
TitleSupergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes #26
SeriesSupergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes
GenreScience Fiction
Comic Book Reviews (submitted by readers)
Submitted by KidDork 
(May 15, 2007)

Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes #26

With each and every new issue of this comic, I find myself smiling more and more. Waid and Kitson have finally begun to turn in a great Legion book. So of course, they're leaving with issue #30.

This issue we have the Ranzz family going over their rather tiresome family problems, which makes me yawn. I have always found Lightning Lad to be boring, and liked his psycho brother just because he wasn't Lightning Lad. I didn't mind Lightning Lass--I mean, Spark--I mean, Light Lass. It's sad how if a guy has a crap power, I hate them, but if it's a woman in something tight, I find it endearing. (See my Power Girl fascination for more examples of same.) Still, the family bickering is dull. But this is forgiven when the Legion realizes that they have to get to MegaTokyo super damn quick, and so they fly through the Earth to get there. Why? Because Mon-El wants to feel the rocks and magma, having been stuck in the Phantom Zone for a thousand years. That's awesome.

And if that isn't great enough, we have a magnificent two page spread of a giant Dominator robot attacking MegaTokyo. So the Legion attack it, with Mon-El, Supergirl and Ultra Boy doing what they do best--and I'm not talking about folding laundry. (Although I feel Mon-El would be very good at that. Don't know why. He just looks the type.) But we learn that the giant killer robot is more than that. In fact, he's the sort of thing that makes Brainiac 5 go all deer eyes in the headlights as the issue's cliffhanger.

A great read. Too bad it only took the Legion over two years to get good.


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