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Comments to Interview with John Twelve Hawks by

Submitted by J White (Feb 12, 2011)

I would like to just say that when I was givin the audio version to listen to,it was during a time that I now see as the best one in my life.It was a difficult time then and I was on the road alot and as I listened to the story of the traveler, including the 6 cd's that came with it I found that between the one doing the reading(David Caradine) and the actual story that it was one of the most awesome books that I could have came across and I will say I have done alot of reading but this is a keeper.Mr. John Twelve Hawks should look far and wide and reasearch for a few lucky people for which he would allow them to spend, individually or other time with him just to have the honor to learn from him as well as meet the man himself.I would like to say that I would be honored to be one of the first to be considered. I have often wondered about topics he covers and have talked with some that feel the same way as he describes in his books and can only hope that as a Martial Artist that I can add him one day to the list of few greats I had the privalige to meet...Thank you sir from the bottom of my heart...

Submitted by Anonymous (Nov 15, 2010)

Absolutely Yes! ...I could not help smiling at #2233 btw

Submitted by Jan Steward (Jul 12, 2010)

I love these books and am about to start on No 3. So different in all ways and actually made me think about loss of total privacy in the world that we live in now. They have made me think. Thank you John Twelve Hawks.

Submitted by Fiona (Dec 06, 2009)

I found The Traveller in my local library a couple of days ago and what a fabulous read! It was poking out of the shelf and what sealed my choice was the words at the bottom of the front jacket, 'What lies ahead is already here'. An Australian Indigenous man I met once told me that the true forces that run this planet will always in some way make known what is coming as reality, most people are just too occupied to see the signs and the insidiousness of the entrapment. I don't see any sci-fi or fantasy in this book, just truth and possibilities, even probabilities. In the last month I have been reading about quantum physics, theories and research so I was delighted to read a book drawing upon this. Thank you John Twelve Hawks. Your description of New Harmony gave me a bit of a tingle. Here in Australia I have friends who have had experiences with communal living, multiple occupancies etc. and often there is friction and disharmony and altercations of the Ego - maybe the key here is that the heart and mind must truly be resolved to letting go of the grid and seeing the truth behind what runs it. Looking forward to finding the next book - ot it finding me! Just reading the ID info at the botton of this comment box and it identifies me with the words Control number .... How ironic.

Submitted by Hope (Dec 02, 2008)

I happened across a coverless copy of The Dark River quite by accident at a local farmer's market one Sunday afternoon. I was in desperate need of something intriging to read. As some may know, it's much harder to judge a book w/o a cover. So as I searched in vain through the many faceless books, finding nothing I could "connect" with I noticed the name first, Native American something sparked my memory about that name but I couldn't put my finger on it(that and my kids were bugging me to leave every 5 seconds!). Next I noticed a lone motorcycle riding down a long winding road on the spine of the book and that sealed the deal for me, the book was mine and that was my only reasoning (if u wanna call it that)for wanting this book my love of motorcycles and native american culture! Normally under better circumstances I would have would have looked into the book more thoroughly b4 purchasing but something hooked me like I said. Come to find when I got home and had the chance to realize that this book was a sequel to The Traveler by JTH, a book I had read years ago and had left a profound image upon my subconcious for awhile. I had all but forgotten about my reading that book w/ so many books in between and life's daily struggles an all. Don't get me wrong, that book in my eyes had only begun to scratch the surface of an all too true reality we are already facing in our world today. That alone should be impressed apon as many as possible! Well, after the amazement of the "ramdomness" of the series of thoughts it took to propel the purchase of The Dark River wore off and I realized that even in randomness, there is some meant to be for I believe I never would have found this faceless book.


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