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Comments to Science Fiction: Alive and Kicking by

Submitted by Anonymous (Jan 22, 2009)

Wow! I would say the exact opposite. There has been a huge resurgence of science fiction. I work in television on a horror sci fi show, something that began in the 1950's. By the fact that we still have people coming to the conventions and watching the show proves it is well alive! How can you say, with the incredible interest in all things Harry Potter-ish, that the stories are ending?? Look at all the supernatural and sci fi films of the past 15-20 yrs.. they are everywhere and people go to them in throngs! I got into "Rowan of the Wood", a new book by Christine and Ethan Rose, after years of not reading 'sci fi'. The last book even close to goth fantasy that I read was The "Flowers in the Attic" , and Ancient Irish Tales by Cross.

Submitted by CallumMuntz (Jan 06, 2009)

Nice article, and lets not forget the immense popularity of Science Fiction video games. I would say that Science Fiction games are easily one of the major genres in the gaming industry. Additionally many authors are writing books that tie in with games that are released, introducing many people to the genre in book form. It is only getting better!

Submitted by Ikarie (Dec 26, 2008)

Perhaps the dearth of the younger readers of SF can be attributed to the current huge availability of visual SF media be it good, bad or downright ugly. Why read the Dune novels when you can watch them on TV in an afternoon or pick up its highlights from youtube to appear knowledgeable or more frightenly to give an informed opinion! In 'olden' times it was generally a progression from comics to occasional films and early sf tv series, your only other recourse to filling in the sf hunger gap being sf books, these were of course any paper back with a picture of a spaceship on the front cover. Racy alien chicks on the front covers had to be introduced very carefully at a later stage. Still, in this progress there was always the possibility of introduction to a larger SF world of original authors and their ideas. Maybe the next generation of SF books needs to be sold at car accessory shops, Game stores, deli counters, anywhere apart from a bookstore!.

Submitted by Chad (Oct 13, 2008)

Ms. Goodwin, Is partially right, but she misses the biggest reason SF always appears ready to disapper. The current SF authors are poor, and on top of that, try finding new SF at a bookstore. It is all but impossible. The handful of new SF writers that do get published are hidden amongst a jumble of old classics (Asimov, Card, etc.), fantasy (which I'm not interested in) and horror (how is this SciFi or fantasy?). Sure, 1984 and Ender's Game are good books, but I read those 20 years ago. Horror is the current popular genre, so give it it's on section, along with fantasy. Even on-line it's hard to find new SF. Go to Barnes and Noble, and Amazon and look for SF. What do you get? You get 2-3 different variations of 1984, Robots, Ender's Game, etc., and maybe one new author in the first 20 books listed. It's a joke. If you went to Banana Republic and had to go through clothes from the 70's, 80's and 90's, along with posters and rugs, to find current styles, you would never shop there.

Submitted by Chad (Oct 13, 2008)

One more thing. Why do all SF reveiw sites look like they were started in 1985 on an Apple 2? You would think they would be a little cooler.


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