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Comments to Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks

Submitted by hugh wells (Aug 07, 2010)

unfortunately reviews of this genre by professional critics is in my opinion not very satisfactory ? I have read and heard the doyens of literature laughing at JRR T whereas my generation were astounded by the descriptions and scope so we are all idiots and the professionals correct ? We thought like Auden the world was dark but a shining light appeared ? TB's books before the word and void were good stories but with standard content but the word and void corrects this ? I connected with John Ross Logan Tom and Angel and the world of 2010 which contains so so many warnings of Armageddon and its cruelties ? I am 70 I witness cruelty and destruction at every level of my society and the world over ? The awful reality of earth 21st century is that we do not have the Word Logan Tom John Ross Angel to rescue us ?

Submitted by Anonymous (Jul 10, 2010)

I heartily disagree about Brooks's execution. I also disagree about his style being consistent. The style was way different in this book than in any of his others (and not in a bad way—tons more suspense). Here are the problems I had with this book: 1. The elves just having always existed and hiding out among humans of /our/ world seemed a little disenchanting for some reason (but if that's how he wants it, that's fine, I guess). 2. We don't get the depth on how the demons work (as well as how they became demons) that we got in the Word and Void trilogy. We don't learn much about how they take advantage of people's weaknesses and all that, either. 3. Something didn't sit well with me about what we didn't learn about the king of the silver river's powers. 4. The elf scenes weren't my favorite. They didn't have quite the lush descriptions that they had in other Shannara books, and the characters/setting didn't have time to get as much depth. I loved the suspenseful horror elements in this book. Brooks hadn't done anything like that before. I loved the characters. Anyway, other than the points I mentioned, I thought book 1 of the Genesis of Shannara was perfect. It was awesome. I liked the next two books, as well, but the first one was by far my favorite.

Submitted by Anonymous (Jul 19, 2008)

the report is really good i found it interesting and it helped me understand the book more i also like it because it helped me in one of my assignments its perfect.


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