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Comments to The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Submitted by Anonymous (Dec 14, 2009)

Kvothe = Mary Sue. That pretty sums it up. Character has little growth. Reminds me of the Wesley Crusher genre. If you are fans of Wesley Crusher, I can understand your fawning love of this book. For me, it's not a horrible book just a "meh" book.

Submitted by Andrew Mobeck (Jul 24, 2009)

I loved the book. I have been getting tired with books that does not test your mind. I disagree with Deanna thats what makes it interesting that we don't know everything. That it might be just K that thinks she is so perfect because Bast said at one point that her nose was not perfect and he might be saying that she is good looking to apease K but the most interesting is that we don't know and we hope to fine out. In fact I love the book for that fact I want to find out what happends next. Yes K is human but is special but what kind of story would it be if if he is just normal, average because he is gifted and overconfident and makes mistakes makes it fun. Also person who gifted could have lot of problems also like the rest of us...Well as you can tell I love everything about the book but only thing I didn't like was when he told me that K was going to get kicked out of school. I am going to read it to my son. Its 100 times better then Harry Potter...

Submitted by MSW (Oct 26, 2008)

A reallly awesome book. It seems so realistic that when i came to the interludes, i almost expected to be seat at the Inn. I don't think Kvthe knows about everything either. I mean, he should know everything! How else can he be the legend he is???? The only thing is, I don't think I can bear it up till the next book comes out. So, please, please, please, please huury up in publishing the sequel.

Submitted by Iain Fleming (Jun 30, 2008)

As a reader of fantasy for more years than I care to remember I have become somewhat jaded with the genre. I am fed up with George RR Martin and the interminable waits between his novels and since David Gemmell's tragic death September of every year has become a little emptier. I never cared much for Robin Hobb, Robert Jordan, fell out of love with Feist and horror of horrors I had strayed into the field of 'speculative' fiction to find if there was something there. But since science has never been my strong point some of the big idea proposed seemed either ridiculous, or beyond me. However, two writers in the last year or so have brought back the smile to my face. One is Scott Lynch, whose magnificent Lies of Locke Lamora, helped rediscover my joy in fantasy fiction. The other is Patrick Rothfuss and his Name of the Wind. This book, a debut nonetheless, is stupendous. Utterly beguiling, entrancing, funny, sad, exciting, and when all the plaudits are heaped upon it... a damn, fine story. My faith in the genre has been resestablished. This story, simple at heart, has all the elements that fantasy lovers come to expect from great adventures. That is not to say this is a formulaic, cliche ridden novel. Far from it. Rothfuss has taken all that we find familiar in fantasy given it a brand new shiny veneer and given us something wonderful. Buy this book, you will not be disappointed. Right, back to the book store. Maybe Robin Hobb deserves another 7.99 of my hard earned cash.

Submitted by luc (May 20, 2008)

I finished the book in a single night because it instantly immerses you in a gripping world. It's Harry Potter for a more mature audience/


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