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Comments to Command & Conquer: Generals

Submitted by JJ (Mar 21, 2007)

generals was great i cant wait for the new one

Submitted by Abyss (Aug 10, 2006)

Hi there :) I would like to know how you managed to complete the china campaign so quickly? I have just recently got the Command and Conquer Generals game, and have completed the U.S and GLA campaigns rather fast, but Level 7 of the China campaign has been giving me a serious coronary :( I find it severely difficult personally...the rest of the campaign i felt was challenging, but not impossible; level 7 on the otherhand i'm at a serious loss. I get scud stormed before i can even build a reasonable army to combat the GLA nevermind win.

Submitted by Sly Sparkane (May 12, 2006)

Your whole review I found to be dead on. (I only wish there were some naval elements) But as for your comparison of Starcraft vs C&C:G.. Im with ya.. I started my Strategy game addiction with Warcraft II on the original Playstation. then as I got into PC games Starcraft hit. But so did the original Command and Conquer. Starcraft was top-drawer in every comparison of the two games. CnC only had 1 thing that I liked that Starcraft DIDNT have.. You could mow down foot troops with a vehicle. But "Bowling for Reds" was not enough to keep me as a fan.. Then Age of Empires II came out, I got that, The detail just blew me away, troop formations really got me too, it seemed to define "Battle". But.. given the time period it portrayed.. I was still yearning for that armada of cloaked wraiths laying waste to an unsuspecting group of Hydralisks.. AOE had no AIR. But I do have to say that it graphically out-did Starcraft.. but it got a bit more serious and left a bit of fun out. Ground Control was another of my fav's but it was slow going and you rarely could be strategic, kind of a "play by numbers" game. Then came Command and Conquer Generals. WOW.. just @&!#$% WOW!!! I was blown away.. it has the gameplay, The sound, the graphics and the overall rock 'em sock 'em something that makes me spend hours at my machine. Great game!!! the selection of troops problem I have worked with and now have just become used to.. I found that when selecting individual foot soldiers (where this problem is most evident) you have to be a bit exact with the mouse, which is to say, select at the foot of your infantry and you wont have the problem. The evolution to 3D gameplay in the strategy arena.. C&C Generals.. Bravo!! I love the way you did it!!! Just prior to C&C Generals, Warcraft III was released in its 3D version.. While fun and visually dazzleing, it was missing a bit of Epic'ness. It felt like a game for a 7-y/o.. so it was.. fun.. Then Uncle Bill came out with AOE III. Also 3D, but I found to be a waste, because the worlds were so small, the charecters were so BIG, and the flow of gameplay was more automatic then I was willing to accept. I found myself saying "where did that come from?" "When did I make one of those?" and so on.. George Lucas once said "If the audiance don't know what it is in the first 5 seconds, then its worthless and confusing" Microsoft should have made AOE II but in 3D, then they would currently hold the standard. So, In short.. (in other words I'll shut up now) EA Games hit one out of the park with C&C Generals. (wish I could get a hold of 'zero hour' in english) So, While this WILL be on my machine for a few years, My Starcraft/Broodwars CD sits in my box of "required software" for everytime I re-do my box.


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