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Comments to Nintendo Wii

Submitted by Eldarwen (Dec 02, 2006)

As said "Mom" mentioned in this article, I feel it is important that I set some things straight. Not only was it frustrating for my three sons to try to teach me how to push A whilst holding down Z, proceeding on to Y or whatever button came next to jump/spin/twirl, imagine the level of discomfort I felt? I just would give up after awhile. It was no fun for me. I love the new Wii, almost as much as Jon does. The fact that there are only an A, B and up down left right arrows, make's it much more enjoyable for gameotards such as myself to play. I also love that it actually physically engages you in the game. I know I am not the only gameotard out there. By the way, it is also obviously enjoyable for the hardcore gamers. I look forward to my son's next visit (hopefully he is bringing the Wii too) so we can all enjoy, playing it some more. Hint, hint. Shout out to Randar and Raydnn ((((hugs)))) and any other of Jon's friends, hence my extended family, who may post comments. Jon's Mom

Submitted by Saintjon (Nov 30, 2006)

There doesn't seem to be any shortage of games out, with many more in development. I don't imagine it will be very long before developers really find their stride on this platform. I hope someone gets me Trauma Center 2 for Christmas!

Submitted by Anonymous (Nov 29, 2006)

I'll second your experiences in introducing the Wii to friends and family. I hooked up my unit over the holidays while we had some friends in from out of town. While their son was a gamer, none of the rest of them (including my wife) had any real interest in video games. Almost from the get-go, however, everyone just jumpted right in and the Wii was the hit of the whole trip. It does seem to be the sort of product that you can read about, but actually seeing its effect (particularly on newbie-players) is what makes the difference. Nintendo's target was to reach this kind of crowd, and personally I think they hit the target dead on. Radthorne

Submitted by Anonymous (Nov 28, 2006)

Nice review, Jon. Interested to see how this will turn out in comparison to the PS3. The Wii (despite it's dreadful name!) seems to be an option of value. I guess the key thing now is whether there will be the games available that will take advantage of this bold new development. Hobbit

Submitted by Anonymous (Nov 28, 2006)

Good Job Jink! We totally agree! Excellent review because it is 100% true...We look forward to slapping you silly in Wii Sports come christmas holidays Your loving Friends (who read your article) Randar and Raydnn


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