final farewell by Terry Cummings

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Only now absent in that place
That is the pause between dreams
Basking content and sated
In the reflections and ghosts
And memory's echo
Of people and times
That have coloured and shaped
The happiness
Of the dream

The joys and events, the lessons and truths
The laughs and the tears
The touching of hands
I will carry from one dream
Into the next
And I will meet you again
In renewed familiarity
And we will laugh once more
I know this as true

But between now and then
As you wait for your time
While I have moved on
I now in advance
Will shape the next dream
Before you arrive
I will I promise
Shape the next dream
With abundant contentment
And joy and comfort
To welcome you
Into a dream
And into a place
That you truly deserve
For I owe you this

And so until then
In that place we call home
In the comfort and warmth
In the belonging
In the next dream I will try
To better my prose
And rhythm and rhyme
In my next dream I will better
Attempt to express
My gratitude and love
For what you have meant
To me

So here I am now
In between dreams
I will see you soon
In a blink
In a breath
In no time at all
Please enjoy the rest of your dream
As much as I have enjoyed
Sharing it with you
I will see you soon