Sounds of a Madness by Emcaw Canp

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If Iím so mad right now, why are the birds still singing?
If I want to kill so much, why is my heart still beating?
Since I want to live in silence, why does the world keep talking?
Since I want no emotions, why are my eyes still crying?
Is it because I want to drown, that the waves are gently lapping?
Because I want to make love, that you keep leaving?
Because I want to dance, that the music keeps stopping?
Because I want to laugh, that my mind keeps raining?
Why when I am no longer a slave, nobodyís clapping?
Or whenever I start crying people start laughing?
Or whenver I need them most, nobodyís hugging?
Can you say why all the answers I get are shrugging?
Why when I try to make peace, all I getís a slugging?
While I buy everything, the world keeps stealing?
When I try to stop, I canít stop feeling?
How come when I try to speak my mind, people start snoring?
When Iím breaking down, everyone else is healing?
God, please just tell me why when everyone else is fine, Iím reeling?
Or when Iím dead serious, somebody our there giggling?
There has to be a reason why when Iím done nobodyís snapping.