You’re Song by Emcaw Canp

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Feet stomping’
Legs pumping’
Heart thumping’
Brain throbbing’
Head down
To the ground
Wish you had a place to go
A little place to call your own
No, afraid
Is this the end life has made?
Not looking both ways on the street
Hoping your end will make its meet
Someone asks you ‘What’s wrong?’
You add this question to your song
‘Nothing’ you grumble
As you try to hide a mumble
‘Nothing that you’ll understand’
Your heart feels like a to-tight band
You feel like you’re all out of shape
What’d you do for heavens sake?
As you finish up this thought
Your mind turns back to your walk
With your
Arms flailing’
Hair blowing’
Hand smacking’
Body stops
Mind pops
Can’t you think of something else?
Can’t stop feeling sorry for yourself
No, broke
Feeling like an old folk
Crying, trying, to see the end
Sighing, dying, for a friend
At the point of trying to kill
A furious glance, world goes still
Life is slipping down a hole
Is it true all have a soul?
Can one person hold all of this hate?
Join the others in this ghastly state
Watch the unlucky, no longer with lives
Watch the people, husbands, children, and wives
Hoping that tonight, when you lay down
You’ll fall through your bed and never be found