Last Night by Joe Bandel

I softly cried again last night
It's hard to think things can be right

It seems so likely I will fail
Along this hard and lonely trail

Though my life has just begun
I am afraid of the setting sun

Creeping shadows from the west
Give my tortured soul no rest

The whispering wind makes me moan
It's haunting voice so like her own

Unbidden memories seem so real
Kisses that I used to steal

Precious thoughts that make me pine
For her sweet lips again on mine

I cried myself to sleep last night
To waken to a moonless night

Haunted by a lovely guest
Soft into my arms she pressed

Silky hair a gentle rain
Brushed away my deepest pain

A golden angel from above
She gave me all of her love

Only a dream within a dream
But oh, so real does it seem

That I awaken to the sight
Of a dark and empty moonless night

I look into the mirror and cry
What would it be like to die?

How I laugh at life's cruel jest
And her idea of the best

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