Changed by Logan Reed

Stupidity you raved,
attention you craved,
all of your wrongs,
singing along with someone elseĎs song,
once you were a great friend,
trusting you to no end,
but now, now Iím not so sure,
wishing for the old you back, for a cure,
do you think it makes you look cool,
the only thing I think it makes of you is a fool,
what will it take to get the old you back,
before you true self slips through the cracks,
why do you always deny,
is there any point in trying,
any chance of seeing through your countless lies,
as another happy memory dies,
a tear, I shed,
all the blood, you've bled,
what do you really stand for,
what is really at your core,
all the lives you've tore,
all the pain,
only one to blame,
it doesnít matter what you will try to claim,
I don't think things will ever be the same.........

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