People by Jason Damman

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When the people that you love,
Begin to upset and hurt you.
When the people that you love,
Say that they no longer care.
When such cruel things are said,
Leaves you in much dispair.

What to do when these people turn against you?
What to do when what they say isn't true?
To lose a good friend can make you depressed,
You blame yourself, and everythings unfair.

When It's not going your way life can seem unbearable,
Certain things just make you want to give it all up.
You will see there is always hope, never give it up,
In the end you will have your chance to shine.

You will always end up pulling through,
No matter what might happen.
Don't let the problem twist the knife,
Concentrate on the more important things in life.

Carry on when things don't look good,
Always see the positive, not the negative.
Time will heal the worst of wounds,
It's up to you to make the most of life.

Things always look bad in the beginning,
it seems like it will all be bad for awhile.
In the end you will find the silver lining,
That frown will turn into a smile.

Jason Damman
Copyright 2004