Best Times by Logan Reed

An interview with parents,
I hope my nervousness isnít apparent,
Speaking, speaking, a twitch,
Sometimes in foolishness, I seem to be rich
Then with an increase in nervousness and fear,
A wondrous beauty does appear,
I wipe my eyes, making sure there clear,
To see this beauty ever so dear,
Walking out, feeling blessed,
To all miracles I thank and to all sins I confess
Open the door to let her in,
Hoping my nervous tongue doesnít mess up again,
I wonder, who is this angel, God thus sent,
A wondrous blessing, or hope before the end,
I asked in awe, ďHow was your day?Ē as there she sat,
I sigh to myself, why did I have to be as lame as that,
Finally there, me in suit and tie,
Mouth seems to have run so dry,
As I escort her in, wondering what to be said,
To this angel draped in red,
As I sit down at her side,
Heart beating so fast, I could have died,
Flashes of light,
To break the darkness of the night,
Our picture is taken,
Whether part of my soul is forsaken,
It would be worth it, holding hand in hand,
So happy, whether at random, or all planned,
Go in, time for that slow dance with her,
I have to admit, Iím not really sure,
I have not the slightest idea of what to do,
All I can do is try and stay true,
As we move across the dance floor,
Your in my arms, a peace deep in my core,
Now, leaving to go eat,
Take a seat, at this place we meet,
I must not admit defeat,
Must speak what I feel,
Bt true to life and what is real,
Make it home in time,
Itís nights end,
No matter whatís around the bend,
Can not ruin this time and night,
No matter who or what will come into my sight.

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